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Crush Live Call-ins No. 239 "Here Comes the Cheater"

BartBart Posts: 5,959AdministratorLeadPro
This week Bart takes a number of calls dealing with some tough river aggression and also speaks with Alecspade and JohnS from CLP about their data collection methodology in the Postle scandal.



  • Bakermob29 Posts: 3Subscriber
    edited October 8
    It’s funny remembering Bart saying how he didn’t want to use Stones videos with Postle in them because his play was so crazy. Bart knew it was happening for a while. Just not enough proof to go public.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,959AdministratorLeadPro
    I wouldn’t say I knew what was happening but I definitely suspected something. But again it was brought to management and they had told me that they had had a tech audit, and I hadn’t seen all of these hands back to back to make what is now the obvious conclusion.

    I didn’t want to use Postle games simply because it was not representative of a real poker game we see in casinos day to day.

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