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Crush Live Poker Seminar

BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
As I discussed on the podcast this week I will be hosting the first Crush Live Poker seminar in Vancouver on Nov 3rd. You can check out the details here:

Please don't hesitate to email me personally regarding any questions you might have. Or you can reply in this thread. The cost for subscribers will be the early bird discount and you will receive two months free subscription. David Tuchman will be making the trip up with me and we want to make this event as interactive as possible. Hope to see you there!!



  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber

    This is an unbelievable deal!. I have done three WSOP academies and they charge so much more.. I booked because I think the value is so good.


  • ThatOtherJeremy Posts: 314Member
    River Rock is the one close to the airport, correct? I am leaning towards going, don't think I would need to rent a car if its the casino Im thinking of?
  • Gordon806 Posts: 59Member
    It is....the Canada Line runs to it from the airport....takes 5 mins at most...Think its $7ish
  • ThatOtherJeremy Posts: 314Member
    Just booked, I have accrued vacation time from work, might as well take a trip up to Vancouver and make good use of my time! Would be cool to meet any SO subscribers there too. Ive only been there one time. At least I will recognize a few faces :)
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
    ThatOtherJeremy said

    Just booked, I have accrued vacation time from work, might as well take a trip up to Vancouver and make good use of my time! Would be cool to meet any SO subscribers there too. Ive only been there one time. At least I will recognize a few faces :)

    I am flying up on friday afternoon. Send me a pm and I will give you my phone number..

  • Yossarian Posts: 16Subscriber
    Great location. Vancouver is such a beautiful city.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
    Hey guys,

    If anyone has any questions about this event you can call or text me personally at 323-336-1273.

  • Hey guys, I'm going to be much more active on the site and if you haven't noticed, I just recorded a podcast for the site....the subject is essentially 5/5 blind No-limit hold'em with deep buy-ins (300-1000) ...it's a game I've played a ton of over the past 15 months. I normally prefer to play 5-10, but the 5-5- game has been such a blessing, I don't feel like I'm giving up all that much by playing a little smaller.

    As for the seminar, I'm really excited to be flying up there. It should be an amazing experience. When I do commentary on the WSOP, my guests always get asked the same question. "How did you improve your game." .... The answer is always, play, play, play AND hang out with other like-minded individuals. While experience is invaluable, I can say with 100% conviction that my game is where it's at today because I hang out with other poker players and we talk about poker...ad nauseum. That's what this seminar is going to be all about.

    A seminar gives us the opportunity to go into specific poker theories and bang ideas off each other. With Bart leading the conversation and all of us able to debate the correct strategies and really get into the whys and the hows should help everyone's game. Poker is not a black and white game. I'm still learning every single day and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to Vancouver.

    Anyway, I hope as many of you that can come, do come...

    - Tuck
  • floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    i think i figured out why bart decided to have the seminar at the river rock.... i'm in vancouver for work and just finished playing there (+a grand at 2/5 over last two nights) and one of the players told me the city of richmond, which is actually where the river rock is, has a population that is 68% asian.... yes, bart will be taking his asian fetish to an absolute asian mecca.... couldn't confirm that exact number, but it says on a city website that it's 45% chinese, 7% east indian, 6% filipino, 2% japanese .... sure, LA is plenty asian, but it's no richmond.... lol....
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    i Live in the area so here are a few tips for those coming.

    1) there is absolutely no need for a rental car. The skytrain will take you from the airport to the river rock or downtown wherever you wanna go. The only downside is it stops running at 1am.

    2) there are hotels that are close by that are much cheaper than staying at the river rock. Im not sure if there is a poker rate but you could get a hotel down the street for much less than what the river rock charges. However the rooms at RR are all very nice and the beds are super comfy.

    3) The games that will be running during the WSOPc will be 1-3 $100-$300, 2-5 $300-$1500, 5-10 $1500-$10k and $10-$25 $2500-$10k (i think) We have this stupid rule put on by the government where we cant wager more than $5k in one action. So saying "All in" is a raise of $5k. You can do this as many times as you want and the rule is generally ignored. There will also be 5-5 plo and 10-25 plo which are both uncapped.

    4) The food at RR is ok i wouldnt wanna eat there for 2 weeks. Not that much selection.

    5) There is no such things as comps in canada. Be prepared to pay for everything you get. I think booze is about $7-$8 for a drink + tip. You will get nothing for pit gambling and nothing for playing poker.

    6) As canadians we are very polite so dont forget your manners.

    7) We love ice hockey up here so dont be mad when all the TVs have hockey on. On Canuck game days playing at Edgewater (downtown casino) is much better than RR generally because of the drunkies that come over from the stadium (next door)

    Ill try and think of some more stuff and if you have any questions feel free to post here or send me a pm and ill try my best to answer.

    Also ballsy of bart to put his personal cell phone # on the internet.

    edit: And yes the asian population here is huge. I would almost say its higher than what was put in this thread. Bart is gonna be in heaven
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