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Google Play Music/Podcast issues

CarpeZiem Posts: 19Subscriber
Not sure if I am in the right forum, feel free to move but let me know where this thread ends up.

I Used to download CLP onto iTunes, but now switching to Google Play Music on my Samsung S9 phone for my car, where I listen to the CLP podcasts.

I cannot figure out how to get the paid podcasts onto Google Play Music. David Tuchman's free Under the Gun podcast shows up, but the paid content does not. Ideally this content would remain in the cloud vs. downloading to my phone. Any help you can give me is appreciated.


  • BartBart Posts: 6,055AdministratorLeadPro
    Check this out: http://www.crushlivepoker.com/support/#FAQA38

    You'll need to use an app that supports password protected feeds like DogCatcher..

  • Snook Posts: 15Subscriber
    FWIW I use Podcast Addict (paid version) on Android and have done for years. You can either stream or download and set it to auto-delete once you've listened to it.

    Hope this helps.

  • CarpeZiem Posts: 19Subscriber
    Thank you Bart & Snook! Got it up and working!
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