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$1/$2 Home Game - 1010 in the SB -

Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
edited January 10 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Home game in Florida - 1010 in SB $500 effective 1/2

V1 ($300 effective, irrelevant) is one of two hosts playing in the game currently. Stationy, but capable of big folds. Bets strong when strong.

V2 ($500) I regard as the most competent opponent at the table. Consistent 3!s, reraises in position, and winning. He's up $300 in about 3 hours and recently lost a massive cooler AA vs JJ, so he's winning a lot. Still calm and collected.

Hero ($750) arrived at the game an hour late, but is crushing. Recently won a massive cooler vs the resident whale 66 vs 89 All in on the turn of 2567r ran twice as 6 on top and 7 on bottom to scoop both. Whale rage quit the game, but should be back next week (fingers crossed).

6 handed V1 utg limp, V2 cutoff opens to 12, Hero flats 10h10d in SB, bb folds, V1 in UTG calls 12. (This should have been a 3!, Probably $50ish. I couldn't tell you why I flatted here)

($33) Flop 8h8sJs, Hero Checks, V1 checks, V2 bets $20, Hero calls, V1 folds.

($73) Turn 10c. Hero checks, V2 bets $35.



  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,055Subscriber
    As you state preflop should probably be a 3bet. You shouldn't be calling too much out of the small blind - only really if you have someone in the BB that you want to bring into the pot.

    Turn is a must raise. This board is sopping wet, and villain can have a ton of hands that will check back river, but will also call a bet now. Make it clean/clear if you can to entice a call. Bet $125 with a black and green chip.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    I agree this should be 3! Pre. With the utg limper in the hand, I’d make it 4x to try and iso so 50 sounds right.

    Flop, I like the c/c

    Turn, I agree this should be a raise. I would suggest a slightly smaller sizing to 90 just because I do not want to blow him off of a strong J, over pair or even an 8x hand.

  • crux Posts: 119Subscriber
    I'm guessing you didn't 3! pre to disguise your hand and get you to a spot just like where you've ended up.
    That said, I think you could raise turn here to something like $100.
    Or, call turn and then lead river for something like $70-80. Given V's range, I think either is a profitable play.
  • Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    Looking back on this hand, the 3! call pre was partly because the Villain had become sort of comfortable in this game. His open range was quite wide, although he was still competent post flop.

    I ended up raising the turn to $105 and he tank folded. The raise seems ideal in almost every iteration and consideration of this hand; his range will typically include every draw and made hand as well as bluffs and weak hands with showdown value, but I figured it would be weighted more heavily draws/made hands when he delay-Cbet this overly wet board. Shrug.
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