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Top pair against a check raised turn?

5/5, $500 cap Hollywood Park Casino.

AcQd CO (2.8k). Hero raise 25. Main villain Sb (1.4k eff) calls. Utg calls (pot $80)

Flop 9d4h2d. X/X/X. Turn Qh, brings in backdoor hearts. Sb X. Utg bets 50. Hero raise 105. SB check raise 325. Utg fold (pot $560)

Sb has another 1k behind. He’s been fairly snug. Check raise turn is strong right? Easy fold? Welcome any feedback on mistakes made...


  • Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
    What is hero's image @HurtLocker?

    Agreed, this c/r from SB feels super strong. However, he was taking a chance by checking again on this now two flush board, expecting someone to bet the queen. Granted, this card hits hero's range (AQ) but you could just as easily be holding other big aces that might just continue to check back.

    This leads me to to suspect that he can just as easily have a draw. Hands like Jh10h jump out or Ah5h or Ad3d. Perhaps he has chosen this spot to cash in on his 'snug' image, knowing the best you can have is TPTK because you didn't bet the flop. UTG's hand is still undefined though so he would be taking a chance against his range.

    How capable does V1 seem? In this spot villains are nearly always nutted when they c/r turns multi-way in my player pool, so I would just about always fold here. But if this Villain is someone with a bit more game then you have to consider continuing here IMO.

    Without knowing more about this Villain I am folding here though.
    by 1CycleV
  • HurtLocker Posts: 25Subscriber
    @steveo76 Hero’s image is winning, fairly snug also. I’ve been the only one bluffing rivers and got looked up a few times. Villain is Argentinan, youngish male who has mostly shown up with value hands. Didn’t strike me as a tricky backwards player though.
  • Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
    Villain's line says he can beat AQ and he's not concerned about UTG's holding either.

    If you call the extra $220, the pot will be $780 going to the river. With 1k left back in his stack he can potentially polorize overbet the river. This would be extremely hard to call because you won't like any heart or diamond or even an 8 or a king which complete a straight if he's got Jx10x. So you are kind of at his mercy with a somewhat transparent holding.

    All things considered I'm folding.

    Hold tight on the reveal because you should get some input from other subs on this one.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited January 11
    This is more than a c/r, it's a c/r 3!. I would say this should be very strong. It's possible he's doing this with a big draw (JThh, JTdd comes to mind) , but bets like this at this level are usually nutted hands. It's a little strange he would not lead the turn himself after the flop checks with either a draw or a nutted hand, but I think I would make the exploitable fold.
  • fozbo Posts: 143Subscriber
    Fold, you aren't going to face many river checks, to call the turn to fold a brick river is lighting money on fire, your hand isn't ahead of much, even his big draws have massive equity vs you, your getting smashed by his entire range that plays this way. Which is super value heavy to begin with. this is is a very simple fold
  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 408Subscriber
    It doesn't make sense for him to take this line with a strong hand like a flopped set. However, at this level I see more people slow play in bad spots (wet boards, multi-way pots) than I see CR over a bet & a raise w/ a draw or a worse made hand than TPTK. I think you have to fold & make a mental note that this player is capable of playing this way.
  • HurtLocker Posts: 25Subscriber
    @irwinbet I agree totally. We fold our hand face up to induce a show and villain asks the table to pick one card, which turns out to be the 2h.
  • NitBetNitBet Posts: 40Member
    Besides being max bad to call in SB yes, extreme strength... EASY FOLD, wished every spot be so easy.
  • NitBetNitBet Posts: 40Member
    HurtLocker said:

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