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Any thoughts on these hands appreciated

I'm trying to play ABC poker I've came to the understanding that you have 2 reasons to bet, correct me if I'm wrong:
-for betting for value is which is when you bet and think you can be called by worse
-for bluffing is trying to push someone off a hand better than yours

I have no info on villains
I open for 3bb and get called by BU and SB ($2.00) effective

HERO holds AQdd

2 folds , HERO opens from MP with 3bb $0.06
BTN calls, SB calls (pot: $0.20)

2d 8d 3s

SB checks, Hero checks, BU bets $0.10
Hero check-raises to $0.28

BTN folds


flop gives me nut flush with 2 overs, SB checks and I wasn't sure if my bet is for value because I have no pair or flush
yet and I don't know if I've hit the board to be called by worse if that makes sense. I knew my hand has pretty good chance at improving but I check and BTN bets. I check raise him because I didn't want to call and miss on the turn being OOP and giving up initiative, what should I have been thinking about how to play my hand post flop here? after BU bet out
I thought he might have something so I just check-raised he folded and I think I may have missed out on profit by playing it that way.

HAND 2 $1.58 effective (have villain covered)

UTG LIMPS, MP LIMPS , HERO IN SB with KQhh raises to $0.10, UTG calls (pot: $0.24)

FLOP: 3s 6s 9d

Hero bets $0.18, Villain calls

Turn: Qs ($0.60)

Hero checks, Villain bets $0.10 Hero calls

River 5h $(0.80)

Hero checks, Villain bets $0.39 Hero calls

Villain shows AJss flush A high

2 people limped in I was SB I raised with KQs, Villain calls UTG. Flop comes I c-bet even though I missed, he calls.Turn comes I pair my Q but its a spade I check because again I'm not sure if I can get value or not he had called on the flop but because he limp called I don't know what range to put him on besides a weak pocket pair or some suited connectors 56s to JT's or weak Ax ( In the hand I was thinking mostly small pocket pairs trying to setmine) he bets 5bb on the turn which I thought was odd , maybe a small pair trying to make me fold If I had nothing since I checked which shows weakness. I called the turn the river comes and I was thinking he could have the flush , or a low pair . I didn't think a low pair would call me and a flush has me beat so I thought I'll check call if he bets I could have him beat sometimes.


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,055Subscriber
    I'm going to assume these are online 2NL Hands?

    Hand 1: Just bet the flop for value. You have a ton of equity, and are really never folding 100 bbs deep, even though you have just ace high at this point. You basically played this hand for max fold equity which isn't exactly what I'd be looking to do with a hand this strong.

    Hand 2: Flop can go either way. But if you do "range bet", your sizing needs to be smaller. Like $0.08. Your range doesn't like this flop at all, and you're trying to keep his range wide with the strongest parts of your range (which isn't that strong at all.) As played, probably folding river. Villain probably isn't bluffing near enough, and certainly isn't valuebetting worse with this line.
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