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line in 3B pot

Hero 250BB
Villain 300BB

UTG raises 4BB
Hero calls BTN 78hh
SB raises to 22BB
UTG fold
Hero Calls

FLOP 3h6s10h (49BB)
SB bets 35bb
hero raises to 100bb
SB shoves
hero calls

im not sure about the line I've taken here against a hand like AA im about 47%, from playing with SB I doubt he had a set only sometimes turning up with 1010, feel like he will have AK AQ and some over pairs a lot here which im in good shape vs his range I believe

should I be calling flop and turn here or is it better to call flop and shove turn on a card that's good for my range here ?

any advice will be great thanks


  • Arenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    You’re a coin flip vs his overall range, but you have position which helps you better realize your EV. In reality, given his bet size, what part of his range do you really expect him to fold here? You can take the price and play the turn / river.
  • lotto33 Posts: 75Subscriber
    This line is too aggressive. Just call the flop. The only hand villian might fold is AKo so you have very little fold equity and when you 3bet half your stack you have to call a jam and villians range is alot stronger than yours
  • Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    edited January 22
    I don't dislike an aggressive line here - with a combo draw, I feel like a raise is preferred to a flat even with position. Part of my reasoning is that it's going to be very hard to get paid if the front door comes in on the turn; likewise on the river.

    I feel the sizing is small even if it we ended up with the desired result of getting it in on the flop. I'd be looking at $105-$120. Looking to realize fold equity against big pairs.
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