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CrushLivePoker Video No. 426 “Folding vs A post flop maniac”

BartBart Posts: 6,055AdministratorLeadPro
This week Bart concludes his Portland Poker Guys series covering the interesting hands that he played on the stream with the theme of getting into tough spots vs an aggressive post flop player, a tru rarity in live NL Holdem.



  • Dcpoker Posts: 4Subscriber
    Hey Bart this was regarding the 1rst hand of this video I was just curious what u think of raising the river all in as a bluff while watching the video that was kinda my gut reaction like this is a good spot and a good hand to turn into a bluff I would need to know my opponents is the type of player that can make a big fold on the river but the hand and situation feel really good where there’s a lot of really strong hands I can have and he shouldn’t and I block some really strong hands
  • Dcpoker Posts: 4Subscriber
    Also the raise on the river doesn’t even need to be all in maybe a smaller raise might be better just curious your thoughts
  • BartBart Posts: 6,055AdministratorLeadPro
    I dont think this guy is going to even fold AT. This was the first hand of the session and I am not in the business of trying to move rec players off of sets, and or top two pair. Yes, we have a good combo to do it with. It doesnt mean that they are going to fold.
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