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1/3, Barrel River vs Unknown?

MattyB Posts: 66Subscriber
1/3 uncapped at Harrah’s New Orleans - looser game that plays bigger than 1/3. V1 is a loose/passive female player and V2 is an unknown middle aged Asian guy who just sat down. I cover both.

V1 ($1000) limps in MP and I iso-raise to $20 from the CO with J T. V2 ($500) flats on BTN. Blinds fold. Pot = $64

Flop: 9 8 3
V1 checks, I bet $30, V2 calls, V1 folds. Pot = $124

Turn: 2
I bet $80, V2 calls rather quickly. Pot = $284

River: 4
What is my play? Check, or barrel, how much and why?

I really have no read on V2 other than he called fairly quickly on the turn. Took a normal amount of time on the flop. Sometimes I struggle in these spots vs a complete unknown.

I’m also interested on thoughts on my bet sizing on the flop and turn. Been experimenting with smaller flop sizing lately (1/2 pot or less) and not quite used to it and how it should affect my turn sizing when I’m not sure if I’m up against a drawing hand or a stronger made hand like QQ or a 9.


  • Beatsme Posts: 602Subscriber
    Seems like a good hand to fire again. You have no spades so all the spade flush combos are available for your villain to have. And the live read of a quick call sometimes can lean your opponent more towards a drawing hand. Imo you dont need to bet very big here because we should be targeting unpaired high card hands. I prob go 100-120 here.
  • Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    I'd also concur that a quick call on the turn is often times a draw, but typically a paired draw like 2x of spades. The action makes me think the turn improved them. Sizing of your river barrel is tricky and dependent on a few things. Big is ideal, but make it looks sort of value-y. $125ish.
  • Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
    Villain is not getting a great price on the turn if he's drawing to just a flush or a straight. So his quick call makes me think he either has a pair of 9s, an overpair or a wheel Ace in spades.

    On the river I'm either giving up or betting an amount that targets his entire range. This is where I'd approach it slightly differently to the posters above. I'd want to give myself the best chance of getting the job done, so I'd go with a polarizing $300 which I hope would cross his pain threshold. I feel like betting $100-$150 is getting called too often and only gets the high card draws to fold out.

    I just hate surrendering pots when I've got the initiative and I've not been raised at any point. So I'd blast this river needing it to work approximately half the time.
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