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Journey into Texas, Day Two

Chase Posts: 181Subscriber
The morning game at Lion's contained many familiar faces and the action was slow once again. I decided to leave and come back a bit later. By 7pm things were getting silly. A few quick highlights:
- A 6-way AIPF (around 4K total pot), two players had trashy AAXX, one had KQQTs, the other 3 had who knows what.
- Heads up all in on the flop with SPR of 9, KsTs7sKc scoops a 1K pot on Ac4s8d7h3d board

I might have VPIPed five hands today, and I managed to get confused about one of them. The following hand comes from earlier in the afternoon in a must-move game that had just gotten down to 4-handed with me and 3 regulars:

$1 / $3, no straddle this hand, $185 effective stacks.
H BTN 8 4 5 6
CO folds, H limps, SB 15, BB call, H call,
45) 8 5 2
SB x, BB 30, H calls, SB check-call,
135) 8 5 2 2
SB x, BB 100, H ?

I decided to limp (planning to limp-call) rather than open raise out of SPR considerations. In hindsight I think open raising pot is best because it makes it possible to get HU or maybe even steal the blinds (and either seem preferable to playing a 3-way limped pot), and it's especially good with my tight image as I'm less likely to face a 3b!

Given the effective stack size, raising the flop seems reasonable. I'm not sure if flatting or raising is best. At an SPR around 13 or more I definitely would not raise and with an SPR of 3 or less I would raise all in, with SPRs in between I'm not sure.

This turn
seems like a straightforward fold.

As always, feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!


  • Liveshark Posts: 14Subscriber
    I live in Houston @chase. How was the game at lions? If you get a chance try playing at prime social as well. They have 2 or more tables of PLO as well daily
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 260Subscriber
    edited January 22
    Turn: I think I fold unless I've seen the BB double barrel with FDs. You don't beat anything but a naked FD and SD wrap. I've seen players play KKxx or QQxx like this as well.

    Flop: I think I would just go with it on the flop and get it in with such short stack sizes to try and target an overpair, a higher FD (we block some hearts) or a wrap unless the V has shown that he won't play for stacks without a strong hand.

    Just ran it thru ProPokerTools:
    And this is what I got... If you think the V's range may be different then that changes things.
    Hand........................................................ Equity.......Wins..........Ties
    8h4h5s6c ................................................65.31%.....378,255....27,254
    88, 55, 22, 82, 85, 82, hh, 679, 467........34.69%.....194,491....27,254
  • Chase Posts: 181Subscriber
    edited January 23
    @Liveshark , Welcome to CLP! Lion's game seems pretty slow early on, but around 7pm it's been good. Mix of nit-regs, bad-regs, and a few donators. I'm curious about Prime, but im getting to play for $10/day rake at Lion's (no hourly time charge), so I'm probably just going to play at Lion's.

    @LatvianMissile , thanks for your help. I agree with your analysis of BB's range. Looking at those equites makes me want to stack off with middling or low SPRs.
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