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River raise

1/1 live

Open MP 6bb As3s (500bb)
Co calls (350bb)
Straddle calls (400bb)

Flop KsJs2s ( pot 20bb)
Hero bets 8bb
Co calls
Straddle folds

Turn KsJs2s (9c) (pot 36bb)
Hero bets 20bb
Co calls

River KsJs2s 9c (Jh) (pot 76bb)
Hero bets 40bb
Co raises to 135bb
Hero ?


  • Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    Any history? Being that the flush flopped, it's possible Villain is raising this river with a wide variety of value hands - KJ, Any J, a King with a spade, a lower flush, etc. This raise is value oriented with no reads, so a call is in order since we do beat some of said value range. We also beat some semi-bluffs (Q10 one spade, etc).

    I'd be calling expecting to see a strong hand.
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