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2/5 flop bottom set.

Hero Decided to limp with 6♠️6♣️ UTG, MP1 limp, SB raises 15, BB, hero, and MP1 call.

Flop J♦️7♦️6♥️

SB and BB check. Hero(1000 effective before hand) bets 50, MP1 raise to 200 (1000 effective before hand.) SB folds, BB goes all in for 120.

What’s my play?


  • crux Posts: 106Subscriber
    Any history with MP1? Have they also been limping middle pairs from EP?

    The board is pretty wet and given pre-flop action I would think that both BB and MP1 are betting draws or two pair here, though BB in particular could have a better set than you.

    I'm probably looking to get it in now or on the turn, either by 3betting the flop to $500 and calling off a jam, or calling flop and intending to get it in on most turns. I'd be concerned with any, ten, seven or five.
    The thing I don't like about just calling flop is that it could easily go check-check on turn allowing MP1 to get a free card to realize their equity. I'd lean towards 3! on the flop.
  • Daddyslap Posts: 96Subscriber
    I agree a raise is order - MP1 could be raising here with AJ/KJ type hands looking for fold equity vs draws as well as draws themself. You don't block any draws, so we should be looking for value.

    As @Crux mentioned, a raise to $500 here seems legit as stack sizes vs the action make anything else really awkward. We can't expect draws to call a jam here, so I concur with the sizing intending to call off or jam a brick turn.
  • Superfly Posts: 541Subscriber
    My guess is that if you just call flop and check turn, V will check back if he has a J or some draw. Since you don’t want to give the draws two free cards, I think you should probably raise the flop.

    A min click on flop will create a 66% pot-sized shove on the turn. This seems best to incentivize a J to call flop, while leaving enough behind to deny simple draws from chasing with the right odds on blank turns.
  • Kmurphy Posts: 27Subscriber
    Thank you for the feedback, I truly appreciate it. I like the raise to 500 to continue to charge draws and call off. I did get lost a little and shoved, thinking I needed to charge draws/ combo, but thought if I was going with the hand I should go all in. Anyway Villian has pocket 77.
    by 1crux
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