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2/5... what street do I raise? Playing my range instead of my hand

Beatsme Posts: 602Subscriber
Villain is a good player who is capable of value betting thin on the right runouts. (Saw him take KJ for 3 streets on a Jxx x Q board vs a fishy player). Villain preceives me a good player.

I guess during the hand i was thinking more of my range than my specific hand. Might have messed me up a bit.

7 handed
900ish eff
Villain opens 20 utg
I call from sb with 88
Bb calls

Flop (60) K 9 8
I check bb checks
Villain bets 35
I call
Bb folds

Turn (130) K 9 8 6
I check
Villain bets 70

I'll stop here. What would you do here?
Flop play ok? I was thinking about raising the flop but am I doing that much given my "range"?
At this point I think I should either check raise now or wait and go for a river check raise. Thoughts?


  • Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
    Yeah I agree that you seem to have let a need to balance your range take over in this hand. Are you thinking like this against all your oponents or specifically versus the more competent ones? This preoccupation is costing you money IMO if this hand is anything to go by. I think an exploitative approach rather than a GTO one is the way to go at the lower levels. Granted, you know your player pool better than me though.

    I would be check raising the flop to about $100. You don't want to make it cheap for the BB either if he has any kind of hand. Also, would it really be such an unbalanced play? Wouldn't you ever c/r a straight draw here too?

    As played, when Villain bets $70 on the turn I am definitely check raising at this point. $200 feels about right. I'm not waiting for an action killer to arrive on the river or letting Villain realise equity for free with a hand like AhQh or Jx10x.
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 290Subscriber
    I would raise the flop. He's not going to fold a K and if he's a smart player he's going to fold the turn to a raise. I know I'm not calling with a pair facing a raise on the turn.

    JT and 67 with a backdoor can balance out your raising range on the flop.
  • Letmewin1 Posts: 1,243Member
    edited January 31
    The majority of your calling range from the SB vs an EP open consists of mostly PP and some broadways with a suit so it’s not an easy spot to find some bluffs.
    This board is border line neutral with the PFR having KKK and you don’t, all other sets are in play for you both, I would just x/r flop and play my HAND in this spot @2/5, if you dig deep you can maybe x/r some QJs if you have that in your SB calling range that is.
  • crux Posts: 119Subscriber
    I like a X/R on the flop as you should have some draws that would take that line like JT or QTcc as well as sets and two pair, and a lot of V's range should be calling a flop X/R. I think waiting until the turn looks stronger, meaning you're less likely to get a call and the opportunity to extract more value on the river. (and turn if you had X/R flop)

    As played, I think I would call turn and then lead river for like $150. It's unorthodox, but I think could look like a blocker bet that V will call with Kx, and prevent you from going check-check and getting no more money out of what is likely the best hand. V's turn bet in particular doesn't look that strong to me and I think you should be good here a lot of the time.
  • Beatsme Posts: 602Subscriber
    Thanks for the responses.

    I agree that a better line is prob the x/r the flop. And I also agree that a turn check raise would look super strong. So I decided to just call the turn and hope on a clean river I could put in a river check raise. (Trying to make the best decision here given my mistake on the flop)

    River (270) K 9 8 6 T

    Should I just lead now since this river brings a 1 liner. Or gamble that he may try to squeeze some more value from his hand?
  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    This runout heavily favors SB caller, so it will be very tough to extract a lot of value from AK/KQ. Still, at 2-5, those hands are likely to call a small c/r on the flop. So that seems fine. But I could also see calling flop and donk leading turn for 50% pot, hopefully creating enough confusion and suspicion to extract another bet. Either way I don’t see you getting much more than 2 streets of value unless he’s got some kind of suited middle connectors.

    As played I would put a c/r in on turn. There are plenty of draws you could be leveraging. Yes, it does look strong, but so does suddenly donk leading river, and I don’t think you can count on V taking AK/KQ for three streets on this runout.
  • Beatsme Posts: 602Subscriber
    Results if anyone is interested.

    I won the minimum. I checked river and he checked back. I showed my hand and he mucked. Claimed he had AK
  • hustlin Posts: 362Subscriber
    As played for sure x/r the turn get value from Kx, also prevent bad DJ. Out. Also u just want to build a pot with your monster hand.

    Also I would lead river 1/3-1/2 on that run out.

    If I was in your shoes I would x/c flop. X/r seems really strong and a good player can sniff if out. I don’t think u will x/r a straight draw here.
    And I would X/r or lead the turn, both are fine
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