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2/5 facing overbet otr with trips in 3b pot

SUYAPASUYAPA Posts: 87Subscriber
Hero winning TAG image, 2,1k. I think villain respects heros game and doesnt want to play too many hands against hero.
Villain young LAG and covers. Definitely winning player but not a crusher. Have played with him a few times and has sizing leaks and cbets too much. Capable of big bluffs, but never saw him overbet bluff.
He has been running pretty hot in the 2 hours sitting at the table. Was already up like 2k, but lost like 600-700 bluffing. The bluff happened a few minutes before hero played the hand against him.
He called an utg raise otb and tripple barreled on AAT86r after utg checked. He bet pot otr, got called by JJ and announced Q high.


2,1k eff.
7 handed, 2 limpers, hero raises otb 30 with K J , sb folds, villain in bb 3b to 105, only hero calls.
Flop (225) K K 7
cbet 110, hero calls
Turn (445) K K 7 4
villain checks, hero checks back
River (445) K K 7 4 A
villain quickly slams 600 on the table, hero?


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 515Subscriber
    Why check the turn? To induce a river bomb? If so, think you gotta hit the call button.
  • Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    edited February 3
    I'm with Garland here - As played, this is a snap. While it's possible Villain's 3! range is truncated from the BB, the guy who was on a heater thinks he's invincible, and you have a monster. He's shoving this river with all sorts of things including Ax that hit the river and missed flush club draws. I wouldn't be surprised to see him turn over Ax Clubs, or any Ace for that matter. Sure, AK and KQ are in that range, but there are soooooo many aces....
  • SUYAPASUYAPA Posts: 87Subscriber
    edited February 3
    For deception and to get villain to valuebet worse or to induce a bluff. Or if villain checks to still get him to call a big bet. I think im never getting value on turn and river.
    If villain would have bet 300-400 otr i wouldnt have made this post.

    The point of my post is the overbet. Where i play i never see people overbetting as a bluff. And when people overbet its always the nuts.

    So my question is if we can make exploitative folds against overbets because of player tendencies with the top of our range in a spot like this?
  • Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    I've never seen someone in a relatively small stakes game overbet bluff a river short of going all in - I've seen overbet bluff jams from all sort of players as all ins. I've called a few with marginal holdings, but those were very specific situations against players I had reads on in various fashions.

    My issue here is that this bet doesn't seem like it was made for value. There wasn't any thought put into how the river card changed things (you indicated he insta-jammed), and in most cases like this, a snap river jam is weighted to bluffs. Ask @Bart
    by 1crux
  • SUYAPASUYAPA Posts: 87Subscriber
    Ya i experienced the same a lot. When people snap bet or snap jam its a bluff a lot. But it wasnt a jam, we were still 1,9k deep on the river. When the river came he paused a sec to look at it, took 600 and slammed it on the table.
    My read was also that because we all saw him 3 barrel bluff a few minutes earlier that it is unlikely he is bluffing again and that he quickly slammed the chips on the table to make me think he is bluffing.
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    Checking back turn is a good play. Being in position your hand is already protected, and you allow the V to continue to bluff. You have a good bluff catcher. Ahead of most Kx hands and strong pairs.

    On the river, you need to come up with a range of value hands and bluffs he would make this play with and defend accordingly. Also, there is a little spaz factor to contend with.

    If his overall tendency is to bluff, then you need to use this as a baseline, just as you would with someone who only bets when they have it.
  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    edited February 3
    The way you played the hand he could easily have put you on a pair less then KK, have hit has AQ on the river, and now wants to take you to max value town knowing that you saw him bluffing before. Yes, he could have AA. AK is less likely. but I think you should call just the same.
  • SUYAPASUYAPA Posts: 87Subscriber
    I also thought about that villain could be valuebetting worse but honestly dont think he is capable of overbetting Ax here.

    First thought was snap call, second thought was to make a nitty fold because of the overbet. Then i thought i cant fold a king here and called. Villain had AA

    Not sure but maybe my question about making exploitative folds in such a spot is results oriented
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