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2/5 Flop C/R 5-Handed

cbrock54 Posts: 4Subscriber
edited February 3 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
5-Handed 2/5 NL

Hero sat down ~30 min. ago.
Villain is Euro kid with backpack, haven't seen him showdown any hands yet.

($850 effective)
Hero $20 UTG with 8 8 folds to Villain in SB 3! $70 & we call.

Flop: 7 5 4
Villain checks & we $75 bet for value/protection. V check raises to $275.


I believe we should be betting this flop when checked to, however, I'm not 100% sure.



  • Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    I agree a bet here should be mandatory. I think a jam is in order - We can get better to fold, worse to call, and we have outs to the effective nuts if called and behind. We also block flush draws, so hands like Axhh that may call a jam are getting worse odds.

    This jam should get a fold most of the time.

  • GarlandGarland Posts: 515Subscriber
    edited February 3
    I don't necessarily think a flop bet is mandatory with the gutshot and overpair & blocker to a flush. You have the option to check back and induce bets from worse hands on the turn with the intent to call.

    If you want to bet, I think you can size down maybe to $50-$60. This bet can get calls from over cards.

    I don't think a jam is necessarily the appropriate play. You can call if you think he is full of it or you can fold if you feel his range is overpair heavy.
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    Betting here is kind of murky. What is more valuable, the SDV of 88 or the chance to cooler the sb with the draw to the effective nuts?
  • Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
    I like @Daddyslap's line on this one.

    Hero has the nut advantage on this board and can put an overpair to the test with a shove. It would leave Villain having to call about $500 more to win $1200 so I wouldn't expect to fold out the draws.

    It is extremely unlikely Villain has flopped a straight and I don't think he'd check a set on such a wet board. This is however 5 handed so the ranges will be wider, meaning nothing can be discounted, especially when we are dealing with 'a Euro with a backpack'!

    Pocket 6s is a holding he might do this with, which of course we are in great shape against (blocking 2 of his outs). Otherwise, this looks a lot like Axhh. Let's charge the max if he's on a draw and let's put him to a tough decision if he's playing an overpair this way. There's not a lot of turn cards we're going to like if we just call and it will be hard to continue when he likely bets again.

    It's time to see what's inside that backpack!
  • cbrock54 Posts: 4Subscriber
    I appreciate the help guys.

    My perception of V was that he would rarely check overpairs or sets on this board, which heavily weights him towards overcards/flush draws/airballs.

    My thinking during the hand was that a jam would charge the portion of his range that has a chunk of equity against my current holding.

    After doing some brief work in Cruncher before posting the hand here, I thought that a call would be best because he is so weighted towards bluffs.

    Ultimately, I jammed and he snap folded.
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