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2/5: AKo TPTK in small SPR

Few days ago, I was flamed for playing AK passive when I wanted to bet/fold river for 1/5th pot with just a minraise left behind. So today I decided to play it aggro making it a 2 street hand and look what happened:

6-handed, $600 effective 2/3/5 second hand:

UTG straddle 10, CO & BTN limp, H $55 SB AKo, all 3 call

Flop ($225): KT6r
H $145, UTG calls

Turn ($515): 5dd
H $400 all in, V snaps with KTo

Am I really supposed to not go broke here?


  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    Lol, I think you are supposed to go broke there. Only suggestion I can make would be to consider raising bigger pre. I’d suggest 5x since you’re OOP with $10 added for each limper. That should help to keep it from going multi-way with a bunch of nonsense like KTo.

    I know with only 60bbs the standard play is to downsize your raise pre, but looks like a laggy limp-cally game so may need to go bigger.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 515Subscriber
    You played it fine. Yes, you're going broke there. Coolers happen. Disagree with @Superfly that you want to keep a bunch of nonsense like KTo out because flopping a pair and out-kicking your opponent accounts for a great deal of your winnings.
    by 1CycleV
  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    edited February 4
    @Garland, heads up nonsense is fine. It’s multi-way nonsense we want to avoid.
  • hustlin Posts: 362Subscriber
    your going to go broke here 100% of the time. you got top pair top kicker with less than 3 PSB left. this is a golden spot for you!
    Just hope villain has weaker Kx or some draws next time.

    also yes size up a little more preflop as well.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,548Subscriber
    I'd raise less preflop. The raise you did puts 10% of your stack in the middle and basically makes you commit your whole stack if you hit out of position vs the field. If the table is mega-loose and sticky where getting 3 callers constantly will constantly be bad raise play from my experience. vs 3 players you can't bluff. You have to hit and after the flop you are committed OTT. I'd prefer a smaller raise size with smaller betting to keep more weak Ax hands in the mix. Raising $55 removes all shitty aces and hands like K9o from calling assuming 33% of the field calls the raise.

    Or even this play of limping and letting some LAG fool raise, get a bunch of callers, then shoving I think is more profitable as you have a lot of fold equity there.

    I don't know if game theory supports what I am saying but I do know that very often I am in a spot like this where my preflop raise is going to commit my stack in the hand vs a wide range of callers it hasn't paid off. If I hit and everyone misses I am betting at a 1 for 1 value toward a hand that hits only 33% of the time. Coolers are rare. Like you flopping 2 pair with AK and someone flopping 2 pair with KTo is incredibly rare. Getting TP vs a set is less rare.

    So I advocate a small raise or a call if you assume a lot of callers preflop. Sounds weird I know. But unless you are Mike Postle, poker Jesus extraordinaire..........

    I'd love if someone run the #s
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,548Subscriber
    Otherwise.... yes nothing you can do.
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