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How do I play AK here?

Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
Empire Casino, Leicester Square, London, 7 handed.

UTG (£200) opens to £7. MP1 (£470) calls, Hero (£410) raises to £40 in the BB with AhKs. Only UTG calls.

Flop: Jh 10d 4s (£88)

Hero bets £30. Villain calls.

Turn: 6c (£148)


Thanks guys!


  • HurtLocker Posts: 25Subscriber
    Do we know any of villains tendencies? As played on the turn it’s probably a check fold against a UTG range that calls a 3! from the BB. Villain also only has $130 left so even if you jammed there may not be any fold equity from a hand that’s beating us (and there are prob more combos of hands that beat us than what we beat like AQo). Also, on the flop I’m assuming you’re betting to get a fold so why not size up more?
  • Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
    Thanks for your comments @Hurtlocker.

    So the Villain had just sat down and was opening his very first hand. No history.

    When I saw the flop I asked myself how I'd play Aces in this spot. I think I would downbet the flop a little bit and shove the turn. So that's what I did. What I didn't do enough of (or any of) was to consider Villain's range here. As you point out he is most likely right at the top of it in this configuration and the flop is going to hit it often too.

    I think this is a give up on the flop. It's wildly optimistic to think he could have an underpair or A10 that I can bet him off. I suppose sometimes he has AK like me or maybe AQ. But most of the time I think he's strong here and at his shallow stack depth isn't going anywhere.

    As played, Hero shoves the turn and Villain snaps with AA. Fortunately we spike a Q on the river and sheepishly scoop.
  • HurtLocker Posts: 25Subscriber
    A little run good never hurts.
  • Beatsme Posts: 602Subscriber
    I think I like a bigger cbet here on this flop. 3 betting to 40 then to follow up with a 30 cbet could be interpreted as weak by your villain (he is playing 1/2). I think I go bigger here on this flop to put max pressure on all of his 1 pair holdings.
  • Daddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    The downbet on the flop is fine - We can typically find out where we are with it - A call is pretty standard from any hand in Villain's range with equity.

    On the turn we can barrel here, but I prefer a check. Being out of position, Villain can raise the turn and leave us wondering what the hell happened and force us to fold our equity. Check calling the turn (if/when they lead) is a great option with a draw to the nuts and 2 overs given Villain hasn't shown any aggression outside of the UTG open. We can then c/f to a horrible run out, or lead the river if for some reason Villain checks back the turn.

    This sort of situation has been a leak for me - In the past I would find myself barreling this type of hand to get called on all 3 streets by a weak J or 2 pair. It seemed to be the only type of situation where I would bluff off a stack. I can only imagine how my win rate would be impacted if I had plugged that leak sooner...
  • Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
    @Daddyslap I find way more situations than this to bluff off my stack! I've not plugged this leak yet. I keep calling the plumber but he never picks up!
  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    edited February 6
    This is a wettish board that hits the callers range so I don’t think it is really a downbet spot. Typically you want to do that on dry boards that hit your range.

    I used to take a shot in situations like this, like you hoping someone will put me on a big pair or that I would get lucky and spike an overcard on the turn. These days with people floating more and generally playing stickier I do that less unless the board favors me and I can comfortably apply multi-street pressure.

    With two overs and a gut shot, I’d lean toward check calling on the flop. It might also be ok to bet here, but I think if you do that you need to bet bigger and aggressively look for good turns to multi-barrel to get the job done. As I type this I like semi-bluffing here less and less. FWIW.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,195Subscriber
    What hands do you think he's opening utg and calling a 3 bet, leaving a SPR of 2? Should be just 88+, AKs-ATs, AKo-AQo, KQs (shouldn't even be all that, but lol live ranges). Now look at the board. Almost all of that range is ahead of you and calling. Other than 88, 99, and KQs (which he prob doesn't have all 4 combos), we aren't getting better to fold or worse to call. And 88 and 99 may check behind the flop and fold to a turn bet even if a blank rolls off. So I'm checking and possibly even c/f. If you want to find a hand to continue with either as a semibluff or as a c/c, AKs w bdfd would be my options.

    I understand this is pretty unbalanced, but I'm not in the habit of worrying about that to the detriment of 200 quid, vs randos.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,548Subscriber
    Not doing any work I say we bet around $50. It's a small amount that will give us information about his hand and still price us in. Very likely we have 7 outs here. He he has AJ,AT we have a K and Q, If he has KQ we are ahead. If he has 99 we have 10 outs. But checking and letting him take control will allow him to bluff us off possibly a better hand.

    2m later....

    vs AA-99,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-ATs,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs

    On the turn....
    We are crushed by 7.5% of his hands. BUT we still have outs to the nuts
    42.1% are overpairs, middle pairs, or top pairs which we still have 7 outs to usually (AA being the exception)
    50% are weak pairs 99, ace high, OESD, GS

    So this is a bet in my book. Just a small one.
  • hustlin Posts: 362Subscriber
    bet , check and X/F are all options on this board.

    Nice default for me would be to X/C
    against loose bad players I may bet, and bet turn to try get villain off hands/ weak draws.
    against strong nitty opponents i X/F here
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