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cold 4 bet ako after 3bet oop not closing action

1-2 effective 400
utg 15 hj 3bet to 40 hero ako bb
i folded but after the utg then showed down aqo for top pair
obv now i wished i 4 bet to 120 am i right in thinking calling a 3 bet in postion closing hand is ok but not with action to come ? but had no info on villians apart from utg raise of 15 was high , if either villain then shoves
what hands would u go with aks aa kk qq fold ako ?


  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    Here are my notes from Ki Lee’s Fast Track series on cold 4betting.

    vs raise and reraise from two Vs Don't cold call 3bets; 4bet or fold
    Use linear TT+, Ajs+, KQs, Ako 100%; low freq partials of T9s+ for board coverage
  • TonyLondon Posts: 5Subscriber
    is that 4 bet to 120 fold to shove i dont really like getting in another 150bb there with ako ?
  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    call if V shoves.
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