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Stacked 4 times in 2 days, Cold decks? or am I playing bad? live 1/3

MrJones Posts: 10Subscriber
edited February 12 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Been on a tear, won 13 sessions in a row and have been feeling great. I only bring 2 buy-ins to the casino with me whenever I go. I feel I play my C game if I ever fire a 3rd bullet. I got stacked twice on Monday, and twice today, and my confidence has been shook up. Can you guys tell me if these were just standard coolers in low stakes 100bb games? thx

Because of 4 seperate hands, they won't be as super detailed as normal assume it's all 100bb low stakes games against the standard players at that level.

----Hand 1, live 1-2, $200 effective. Very first hand at the table hero has AcQc in the bb.
Solid reg opens to $11, unknown younger euro calls, rando calls, rando calls, hero calls.
(yes i should have 3 bet, but i was passive feeling the table out as this was my first hand and it doesn't change the outcome of the hand either way)
Flop: $55 As Qs 10h

Solid reg bets $22, Euro calls $22, fold, fold, Hero raises $95
Solid reg jams all in, Euro calls, hero calls
Reg 10 10, Euro KsJs, (as you can see even if i 3b pre 10 10 calls, and i lose)
It wasn't a fist pump call with AcQc, but there were too many combo draws on that flop and it was $95 to win $540

-------Hand 2, 10 mins later, $150 effective, Rando opens to $7, hero calls AJo, rando calls, Euro calls otb
(again could have 3 bet, but hand would have played out the same)
Flop: $30 Js 6c 4c
Rando checks, Hero fires $25, rando folds, Euro min clicks to $50.
Hero jams, Euro snaps 4 4.
Even if i took a different line on that hand, an Ace hit the turn so I'm still fucked with my top 2.

-------New game, new day Hand 3. live 1-3

Hero in BB with Jd10d all $300 effective
Loose aggro Asian limps utg, semi solid button raises to $10.

This was odd, all of his other raises were $16 pre, and he was also splashy, calling $50 3 bets. But never saw him get out of line other than that, he had $800 (300 max game)
Hero calls BB with Jd10d, aggro asian calls

Flop: $30 Qd 9s 9c

Hero checks, aggro asian bets $15, villian otb calls $15, hero calls $15
(could i have raised here, sure, but like the other hands woudn't have affected the outcome)

Turn: $75 Qd 9s 9c Ks

Hero leads $35. Shitty lead, I should have bet more like $50, but it is what it is. Villian otb calls

River: $145 Qd 9s 9c Ks 6h

Hero bets $90, villian jams, hero snaps, villian QQ

Now i'm never putting him on queens, literally ever, because of his $10 otb preflop raise. He had only raised $16 prior.
Don't think I can ever fold river $165 to win $325. He could have a random 9, or KQ. Did I fuck this hand up, or is this a cooler?

------ Hand 4 live 1/3. $250 effective

Hero limps $3 AKo in the cutoff. (very aggro spewtard otb looked like he was going to raise)

Spewtard folds, Sb calls $3, bb (crazy flashy blinged out young asian) pops it to $18. I'm thinking why is he betting so much with no money in the pot and 2 limpers, his other raises were $12.

10 mins prior to this hand the spewtard yolo opened to $50, and the flashy asian called with pocket 3's

Tons of overs on the board, and the asian called the spewtard down with his 33 underpair, and was good.

I had also seen this kid bust from a different table a few hours prior, and he came back and sat at my current table. So he's possibly titling. Also had never seen him raise to $18, all of his raises were typically $12.

So right away i'm putting him on 2's - Queens

Hero 3 bets to $48

Asian kid jams, hero snaps. Asian kid has AA

Now regardless if i smooth call the $18, the flop came Ac 7h 2h, so we're both getting sizeable money in on that flop. I guess maybe I can find a fold on the flop and put him on 7's, but even still feels like a cooler

----So did I do any major derping, or are all 4 of these hands more or less coolers in my 100bb 1-2 1-3 low stakes games.

Thanks bros


  • 3BBRC Posts: 28Subscriber
    Not going to comment on the play but being down 400bbs in what seems to be less than 10 hours is literally nothing. Don’t worry about 4 100big buy ins. Worry about the plays and making good decisions
  • PBJTIME Posts: 345Subscriber
    You repeatedly said something to the effect of.....it wouldn’t change the results.

    To improve on your game, focus on the actual play and not the results. If you should’ve played a hand a particular way but did not, regardless of whether you won or lost the pot, you made a mistake.
  • joshofalltrades Posts: 124Subscriber
    PBJTIME said:
    You repeatedly said something to the effect of.....it wouldn’t change the results.

    To improve on your game, focus on the actual play and not the results. If you should’ve played a hand a particular way but did not, regardless of whether you won or lost the pot, you made a mistake.
    I came to say something along these lines as well. We can have a tendency to use the result of the hand as a crutch to not think critically about it. As soon as you say "it wouldn't have mattered how I played it..." you open the door to not think through what the BEST way to play the hand is with the information given, even if the original statement is true.

    All in all, these are some sick spots, but I think you can find some better lines.

    Hand 1- 3! pre. Stack sizes are always awkward in these spots. If you can 3! fold for value, I like that. I also don't mind a straight jam for $200 to try and pick up the $55 in the middle. As played, you feel committed with the raise size, and I get that, but when solid player bets into 4 opponents and Euro calls next to act, then you make a 4x raise, PFR 3!'s and Euro calls, those are 2 incredibly strong lines. I'm not saying I fold AQ there, but I might. Is PFR overplaying AK? I doubt it. If PFR has a combo draw, what does Euro have to call with 3 people left to act then call again. Had your raise been to $75-80, I definitely think I can find a fold given the action.

    Hand 2- I disagree with your assertion that the hand would play out the same. If you 3! to $25-$30, Euro is making a pretty big mistake to flat with 44 at $150 effective. As played, do you know if you have A? If so, I think this is a bit of an overplay, as it limits the number of flush draws Villain can have.

    Hand 3- You make an assumption about the hand based on raise size and it was wrong. No big deal. Poker is a game of incomplete information, and we do the best we can. However, I don't think a semi-solid player is taking KQ or 9x and smooth calling the turn on such a wet board, then raising the river, especially after you lead when JT gets there and follow up. Most aware players are going to be cautious of the straight and just call. Add that to the fact that you had never seen him get out of line and I think you can find a fold here for $150 more.

    Hand 4- You find the preflop sizing odd, and give your Villain a range based on that. What about when he 4!'s? Do you still think it's 22-QQ. I don't generally see a ton of preflop aggression from people who call massive raises with speculative hands. They want to see cards. They want to make a strong hand then get the money in. This is another spot I think you can get away from for $200 more.

  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,513Subscriber
    There are no "solid regs" at 1/2. Tight aggressive players at 1/2 are not creative, predictable, and don't bluff beyond the flop unless you tell them too.... for the most part. They don't think dynamically.

    So your hands. State positions it's important.
    Hand #1 If the opener was UTG and he was the jammer I'd consider folding. Reason is the board is made. Generally players don't 3b all in unless they at least have a set. Also notice while he had a set of TTs he bet small scared of KJ. Notice also the Ace was the flush card. So he can't have an Ace combo draw. He could have a Tx hand combo draw but how many Tx hands is he raising UTG. When the Euro calls now you must be worried. You have to do some math at the table and realize what each is putting in the middle. You have to figure out which hands a raiser would shove here. Between the configurations of hands he has very few FD combos. Tough spot indeed and frankly if I was in that spot maybe I don't fold. Depending on his body language, how fast be bet and jammed. But no matter how you played it I think the money was going in. If you call then you are committed. Tough hand. Takes a lot of analysis and practice to fold here.

    Hand #2 Positions? Play with a full stack. #1 don't bet so large. That flop doesn't hit their range. Your bet sets awkward sizes for the turn where it commits you. As played you're fucked. If you call that leaves you what under $100 in an over $100 pot for the turn? If you bet small then followed up with a larger bet and he shoves you can fold.

    $143 and a $30 pot, you bet $12, he calls
    $131 and a $54 pot, you bet $35, he shoves.... now you can fold. Remember his turn raise is almost always a set, 2 pair, or some combo draw. You might have 2:1 to call but in 1/2 players rarely shove combo draws and that weight is lowered in the ranges.

    Hand #3 This one you are kinda of fucked. And yes you can put him on QQ. Players mostly never 3b QQ at 1/2 and mostly slowplay boats. When he shoves the river he almost always has a slowplayed boat. But this is tough because he could be an idiot and thinks his trips are good and outdumbs you by calling down. Tough hand. to play but you have to ask what could he be shoving the river with? Then count the outs and the math for the tie.

    Hand #4 You always need to ID the spashy players correctly. You have some who love raising preflop then become stations post flop. You have others who limp preflop and become LAGs post flop trying to bluff and raise you. Rarely at 1/2 do you get a pre and post flop LAG. Even more rare is a player who is both and 3b bluffs preflop or even post flop without the nuts. But in this case the asian is just a showman fish. When he 3bs toss that shit away. He just isn't level 3'ing you. All he is thinking is "I has Aces all in mother fucker". And raise that shit preflop. Don't limp hoping spewy raises you.

    Don't get me wrong for someone newer all these hands are VERY tough to figure out and even I would have trouble folding them. I have the luxury of taking 20m to analyze each of them away from the table and reply here. It is also really hard to fold some of these. Mathematically my answers are probably wrong. But when you account the players and how non-creative they are at this level.... you can find exploitable folds. Generally if I am getting 8:1 I pay it off.

    Once I flopped a straight and over bombed it 2 streets because the board hit their ranges. I got 2 callers and on the river the board flushed and paired. One guy bet the other called. I thought I was fucked but I was getting 9:1 to call. I call and was good. One guy had 2 pair the other trips lol.

    Bad luck streaks happen. You can go 100,000 hands with bad variance. My longest streak was 40,000 hands.
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