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Cbet sizing

I am doing pretty good with preflop in my 1/2 $5 BI game but I am struggling with cbetting. The regs and be/winning players are starting to play back at me. I watched the vid on the cbet matrix but my sizing for my cbets are giving my issues. I have attached 5 hands below from global micros. What would you suggest for each? Cbet or not to Cbet and what sizing?

668 x 566 - 364K
758 x 587 - 431K
753 x 576 - 421K
751 x 579 - 426K
751 x 579 - 428K


  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 324Subscriber
    I think Bart gives some great advice for NL c-betting, but there is obviously much more in play for PLO when it comes to Cbetting. Importance on position and number of opponents increases, plus our blockers to better made hands/draws and our backdoors.

    IMO, here is what I would do on your examples:

    AAQ6cchh on Js7s3c board: I c-bet 3/4 pot, especially when checked to. I assuming we are PFR.

    AKQ7hhhd on KcJs8s board: I would not cbet here with a player behind us

    AKKQ on KT7hhc board: I would cbet here first to act, maybe half pot, hope that we can get raised by the opponent with the short stack so the betting is re-opened, or by someone with a big draw. Table dynamics do matter here b/c we have an SPR of 5 and can get it in on the flop with c/r but having this get checked through is a total disaster, so I wouldn't risk it.

    KJT9hhxx on QhT9r board: I would balance cbetting here or checking back based on how sticky our opponent is. We totally crush this board so it could be hard to get action even on later streets from hands that miss. But hands that don't miss will come along on the flop. To check back we need a stabby opponent who will bluff turns or come along when they pick up equity. Unfortunaltey when you check flop, bet turn, and get to a river, most opponents only call another bet if they make their hand, which means they are sometimes drawing out on you. I prefer better the flop b/c it sets up a max value situation, and also it can protect your bluffing range for when you need to fire on this board with 6-high. So I bet 1/2 pot here in most situations.

  • NLTOPLOPRO Posts: 17Subscriber
    Terp, Thanks for the reply. If you could do a vid/pod on this subject.... specifically sizing of bets, I think that would be very beneficial. I would benefit from a matrix of some sort to prioritize. Ex. 1. # players 2. SPR 3. Board texture.... Thanks
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