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$2/$5 Weird Spot with Bottom Set Facing Side Pot Action

2/5 9 handed

Hero on BU with 8c8s ($760eff)

Villain 1 (SB) ($155eff, fish rebuying for $200 at a time & limping almost every hand)

Villain 2 (CO) (Covers the table seems like solid player, is doing a lot of limping from LP with his marginal hands but raising a reasonable range)

4 limps, I elect to overlimp with 8c8s on BU (Table has been very limp call happy & didn't want to bloat the pot), SB ($155eff) raises to $25, BB folds, First limper folds, everyone else calls, I call.

Flop: QdTs8h Pot: $125ish after rake

SB bets $50, folds to CO who calls, I raise to $140, SB snaps for $130 total, CO tanks for a little & calls

Turn: QdTs8hKd Main Pot: $515 Side Pot: $20

CO leads for $175, I call

River: QdTs8hKd6x Main Pot: $515 Side Pot $370

CO jams for $420eff, Hero?

Would appreciate some advice on this spot, will post result later.


  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    edited February 17
    CO’s play sure seems like value. Doesn’t seem like a good bluff spot for a solid player. And his turn bet seems sized to encourage a call.

    So key question is would he ever overplay 2P like this on the river. And that seems kind of unlikely since there are two straights on the board, not to mention sets of Ts and 8s.

    And even if you beat CO, you need to beat SB too for main pot. While you’re probably ahead of SB, we don’t know for sure. Tough to lay down a set, but I think I’m folding in this situation.
  • 3BBRC Posts: 33Subscriber
    Not folding a set for this price. He’s going to raise same AJ preflop and some J9 on the flop either against the first bet or the raise. If he’s bad enough to over limp J9o in the cutoff he’s bad enough to overvalue two pair. We’re looking at extreme partials of all his straight combos Making big folds getting a good price at low levels is usually a bad idea. I think we can find enough KQ and other random two pairs to make this call more than fine
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,549Subscriber
    J9s is the only hand that makes sense here. So I took this hand from his perspective. Let's assume I had flopped the nuts. When you raise you either have the same hand or you have a set. So with perfect information on you why would he re-raise. There are no flush draws on the flop. So he can slow play and wait for a safe card to put the money in. Looking at it from your perspective why wouldn't he shoved the nuts on the flop? Well there's your reason. There was actually an article by a professional the cupboard this exact situation. Where you had the nuts and you were almost certain the other person had a set and had outs to beat you. Since you know the opponent can't fold the set you can slow play safely and play Perfect.

    So here is my question to you if you intended I'm calling the river and why didn't you shove the turn? There are some combos that pick up a flush draw on the turn.
    by 1hustlin
  • BartBart Posts: 6,078AdministratorLeadPro
    I covered this hand as the first hand of the call-in show today.

  • DamasoBen Posts: 2Subscriber
    Thanks for the replies really appreciate it & thanks @bart for including it in the call in show. I ended up tanking for a while & thinking he wouldn't be overvaluing 2 pair combos as well as I think he raises a lot of the 2 pair combos pre so I folded. He ended up showing T3 of diamonds for the complete spazz lol. So seems like my read of him being a solid player was way off.
  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    edited February 18
    Wow. On top of that he gave himself virtually zero fold equity with his bluff by betting small on the turn and leaving himself with only $430 to bet into a pot of almost $1400 on the River. Why didn’t he at least shove the turn. Almost too clueless to even believe. Solid player... lol.
  • hustlin Posts: 362Subscriber
    Very interesting hand , my first initial response would be a snap fold here thinking it’s AJ.
    But I realize AJ doesn’t make sense, only J9 will make sense here.

    Certainly villain can play J9 like this. I think if you call turn you should call river here.... unless your plan was just to fill up .

    As played I would just jam turn.
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