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2/5 JJ From Mp1 Go For River Value? Sizing?

$900 eff.
Villain is somewhat tight rec. who never limps preflop, folds to too many 3bets, and is just slightly too passive when it comes to getting thin value. But he is a solid, winning player.

Utg calls. Villain utg+1 raises to $25.
Hero Mp1 raises to $75 with J J. Folds around to villain who calls.

$155. 9 4 2 Villain checks. Hero checks???

$155. 4 Villain bets $100. Hero calls.

$355. 4 Villain checks. Hero???


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 515Subscriber
    edited February 19
    I could go $80 pre-flop with the limper, but not really a big deal. Flop, your hand is too vulnerable to A/K/Q or , so I'd bet maybe $65. If you were choosing to be deceptive, I'd prefer you have J Jx to check. Turn is good. As played, the river is a slam dunk value bet, I'd bet about $170 to try to get a bluff catching small pocket pair to call thinking you busted a big over card draw.
  • Steveo76 Posts: 159Subscriber
    Where have you been @ds2uared? Anyway, welcome back!

    So I like your 3! sizing pre-flop. Maybe you could go a little bigger to $100 to really discourage players behind and the UTG limper from coming along. Although $75 did the job this time just fine.

    On the flop what is your rationale for checking? For me this is a bet all day. I'm betting about half pot.

    As played, you have underrepped your hand and if Villain has any kind of made hand he is going to think it is best at the moment IMO. Once he bets $100 you have an easy call which you make.

    On the river, when Villain checks, I think you have a pretty clear value bet. I like $150-$200. Of course, once in a while you are value owning yourself but I don't see how Villain can be checking expecting you to do the betting after the line you have taken.
  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    edited February 22
    I agree a cbet is fine in this config but think you want to make it small - like 1/3 pot to get called by lessor pairs that don’t have a FD. Also don’t want to bloat pot with an OP that is unlikely to improve on a dynamic board.

    Likewise, bet smaller to get called by smaller pairs vs noted tight reg. $125 - $150.
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