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Double Gutshot to the Nuts on Rainbow Flop

Hero is relatively new player to the $5-10 game. Everyone else is solid/seasoned/daily or almost daily player.

Hero ($1010) - mid 30's white guy. I'm playing a bit too loose pre-flop and I feel this hand is an example of that. I have re-bought a couple times. I did double with junky aces earlier all-in before the flop and held while running it twice.

Villain 1 (covers) - younger white guy. Probably late 20's/early 30's. He is pretty solid and usually raises when he comes into the pot. I have seen him play double-suited rundown hands and quality high pairs.

Villain 2 ($900) - mid to late 30's white guy. Bought in for the $500 min and ran it up. Only hand of note he got it in in a huge pot preflop vs. quality aces and he had a hand like AKQT double-suited.

V1 raises to $40 in EP (they count the blinds as $10 and $10 for determining pot sized bets). I call on button with QxJs8s7x. I know, not a great hand, especially with only being only single suited. SB calls and then V2 pots it to $200 in the BB. V1 calls. I call. Again, I know, not a great call. SB calls.

Flop ($800) AT6 rainbow. SB checks. V2 shoves for $700. V1 calls. Action on H.

Obviously it is shove or fold. If I shove, assuming SB folds, I am putting in $810 to win $2310. I need ~26% equity to call.

I have 8 outs to the nuts. V2 is weighted heavily towards aces. V1 could have a hand like KQJx or KQ9T or QJT9. In which case, up to two of my outs are dead and I could be drawing to a chop with the K. I am not certain if I had backdoor spades or not.

Want to see what everyone thinks H should do. Obviously situations like this are why you shouldn't play a single suited rundown hand like this with a gap in the middle with a low SPR. This was, besides flopping a made hand, one of the better flops.

I am just a beginner but I understand about preflop being bad. I was a bit on tilt. I am interested in hearing thoughts on the flop.


  • Liveshark Posts: 20Subscriber
    edited February 22
    Fold pf. Fold on the flop. This is just so bad man not trying to be rude but you are playing a losing hand to a 3 bet. Then at best u flop a double gut shot. Which isn't very good considering the action. You are better off playing a house game like 3 card poker ultimate then playing Omaha like this
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 290Subscriber
    I'd probably mostly fold pre, but I don't actually think this hand is terrible to flat on the button. I would fold to the 3!.

    You're barely getting the right equity to call (~28%) on the flop so it's basically how much variance do you want to deal with? You also need to remember, by calling these V's are going to have some Ks in their range that take away your outs and there could be some 9s dead as well if the V has TTxx or ATxx as those can all contain a 9.
  • High__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    If we give V1 AA and V2 as reasonable range to call-off (AT, A6, TT, 66, KQJ, 987, AKQ, AQJ, A98, A87), then you have 27-28% equity 3-way. So, like LatvianMissile said, its a slightly +EV but high variance spot that is typical in PLO. Do you want to gamble?

    Note that if SB happens to call with the same range as V1 above, then it helps your EV.

    Did you have a BDFD? And, if so was the ace on the flop a spade? These details can make a 2-5% equity difference and help make a decision in these close spots.

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