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Under-bluffed in General Population? (5-10-20 TCH live stream)

BartBart Posts: 6,080AdministratorLeadPro
edited February 27 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
6.5k effective.. 5-10-20 TCH Live stream..

HISTORY about an hour earlier...

same villain here opened w 44 and called my 3 bet in similar config as below (CO or button vs blind) about an hour before. I had AQos flop was Q42.. I bet, he called. Turn Tx I bet he called.. river Tx I bet he called.. I bet 1400 into 2700 on the river and he had 1100 back after the 1400 and he just flatted..


BTN to $75 Hero to A 3 $300 middle blind, button calls. $625

FLOP: A 6 2 Hero bets $225, bttn raises to $550, Hero calls. $1.7k

TURN: T Hero checks, bttn bets $750 Hero?

Link to the hand 4:22:00 in here:


  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    Hi Bert (lol), not sure you can do anything else here but fold, esp given history which you don’t include in your post but is described in the video. Now that you know the guy’s a maniac you can tighten up your EP 3bet range and start knotting the noose for V to hang himself with.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,195Subscriber
    Given the description of the first hand, I can't see holding on here when you don't pick up any more equity ott.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 516Subscriber
    edited February 23
    I would make the fold to the flop raise if you didn't have two backdoor draws. As played it is an easy fold to further turn aggression.

    I also contend checking the flop is the best play. What are you getting called by that is worse? Smaller pocket? You can get that one street of value on the turn. You have a bluff catcher and would play it this way. You can more easily check-call two streets rather than face this type of resistance. Also, he may pick up second best hands on the turn to pay you off like KQ.
  • Superfly Posts: 590Subscriber
    Garly makes an interesting point. Check (calling) flop would allow you to call down more easily. I suppose you might legitimately check a big A on a static board to delay cbet with a mind to upping your chances of getting called by worse in the turn. But downbetting flop seems reasonable and standard too.

    I initially thought that once you cbet maybe you could fold to the c/r. But then noticed you had backdoor straight and flush draws. And V only min clicked, so where you gonna go?
  • hustlin Posts: 362Subscriber
    Damn the video doesnt work. it would help if I could see the actual villain and how he looks like haha.

    Hmmm I think if you called the flop, given the decent price its not bad to call the turn as well.
    you just hope villain has total air here. As played its a obvious tricky spot. He can have some 2 pair like A2, A6, bluffs, 22, 66. The thing is with your flop bet, some villains may interpret as weak because its less than 50% and start bluffing you here.

    As played I would fold turn. Merits for folding flop, or go into a C/C mode on the flop.
  • JredA Posts: 100Subscriber
    edited February 27
    From an equilibrium standpoint I understand the c-bet here. On this board we are pretty much c-betting 100%, so the small sizing with our entire range makes a ton of sense.

    Its a spot where I auto-check a lot to protect my checking range when I have the baby Ax, but against a player who may seem hesitant to get money in the pot, the c-bet makes sense. We can get called by worse pocket pairs, they will probably float often and somewhat wide and we have less concern of the aggressive lines (granted we only have played this one hand with them).

    I also see the merits of the x/c line. Although I like this line more with a known aggressive player.

    The min click back is a little odd. Perhaps a strong Ax like AK/AQ, middling A/x that is min-raising flop to see where they are and to get to the river cheaply, sets, or 2 pair (A6s, A2s) for value. Hands we beat may be middling pocket pairs or broadway combo's w/ backdoor equity. This board is pretty dry, so the draws are numbered (45s, 78s).

    The thing that gets me is a raise on this flop really does not make a ton of sense as a strong value hand from described villain, as most sets would just flat on this dry board.

    Facing this min-bet we have to defend wide and A3s seems like an easy defend.

    Turn card completes no draws, but allows villain to barrel with his backdoor heart draws or broadway bluff range.

    From an equilibrium standpoint I think we should be defending all our Ax combo's in our range to this sizing to meet MDF requirements and folding out other pocket pairs that we called with on this min-raise on the flop, but as to the titles description, it's such an under bluffed spot. And this exact hand would probably be at the bottom of our defending range. Since this is an under bluffed spot in combo with described villain, I think a fold seems perfectly fine.

    I can't see calling turn here.
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