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Am I overthinking this hand

MVH Posts: 6Subscriber
1-2 $200 effective
+1 limps, hero raises to $12 in MP with 10s10h, LJ and limper call
Checks through
+1 checks, hero bets $16, LJ raises to $36
+1 folds
Heres my question. Is this a good spot to 3 bet bluff? Hero blocks the straight and somewhat blocks the flush. Villian in LJ is likely to bet when checked to on flop with a front door flush draw or a queen, right? Does the action narrow his range to a lot of AsX hands? Any thoughts


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 515Subscriber
    edited February 23
    I am not bluffing in this spot especially in 1/2 stakes. He's repping a flush and low level players often take free cards with draws and bet/raise when they make it. You have a better case if you have something like A Tx, but in general in low stakes games the best way to win is to make hands and value bet. Easy fold as played.
  • MVH Posts: 6Subscriber
    I thought so too. I did not bluff in this case but on the drive home wondered if i missed an opportunity. Thanks for the reply.
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