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Plo beginner hand question

Hey, complete plo beginner here looking for feedback on a hand I played. I just started dabbling in plo recently after going over @Terphimself battle plan and the other plo training material on the site. I've been playing nlh for about 3 years and have become fairly comfortable at the 2/5- 10/10 level with decent results. Just trying to expand my options and branch out into plo a little in 2020. So far I've just been struggling to get what I guess you would call a "feel" for the game, just a general sense of typical lines and how to analyze situations. I'll be posting hand histories as I get hours in, looking for feedback and advice on anything at all since I don't have a solid baseline understanding of the game yet.

This hand is from 2/2 plo at Parx, 100-500.
Hero is the effective stack at 850.

Bb is an unknown, new to the table, no reads on him. Utg is a fish, super wide pre and a calling station post, but I haven't seen him bluff at all post. Earlier he l/rr from ep with J842r against my open with KKxx, and called off on the flop on AK3hh and caught a 5 on the turn.

Preflop utg limps, I open co to 10 with QhThTc9c, btn calls, sb calls, bb raises to 20, utg calls, I call, btn calls, sb calls.

Flop (102) Ac7s3c. Checks around.

Turn (102) Td. Sb check, bb bets 60, utg calls, I raise to 215, fold, fold, bb calls, utg calls.

River (747) 2s. Bb checks, utg bets 520.

I'm wondering if I should be raising bigger on the turn. Coming from nlh I'm used to trying to get value and not blow people off hands, but that doesn't seem to be as applicable in plo. I was trying to raise an amount that left me with a reasonable stack left to either make a river bet or be able to fold if club hits and someone pots.

Thanks in advance!


  • High__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    Pre-flop and flop seems fine. I would definitely pot it on the turn for several reasons. You almost always have the best hand. The T can give your opponent some massive draws like wraps and wraps with FD or two pair That they will call any amount. And, there is literally no nonpairing river card that doesn’t make a straight possible which may either beat you or kill your action from a hand like aces up. So, take the max value now.
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 324Subscriber
    edited February 28
    Spot on @High__Rolla, in this spot, charge the max to whatever draw decides to come along. 54xx is definitely a hand that can hang on bc it’s a double gutter and could potentially have a FD to go along with it
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