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1/2 75BB deep against a loose passive player

Qw3Rtzui0p Posts: 36Member
Hello I played a hand this night versus a very passive calling station guy, who dont like to fold and is chasing his draws til death..

Table is 3 handed and im on the SB..

BU that passive player limps.. He was limping his entire range and he almost everytime limp / called a raise til 15..

Im in the SB with QQsd.. I made it 12 against him..

BB fold he called..

Flop (25) Ac Qc Td.. I bet close to pot.. I want call from flush draws (which arent that many combos) + straight draws.. And main reason for bet is that im going for value from Ax hand.. + hand that have a pair and some kind of draw..

I bet 20

Turn (65) is 9s.. It changes nothing.. So I bet 40 and he calls..

River (145) he has about 60 behind.. River completes the flush..

I tanked for a while and I was sure that guy is as bad as he can call me with A-x hand.. And he is going to check his entire range on the river except flushes..

So if I check im loosing value against A-x hand and Im mostly X/F...

But due a coordination of board I find a very few flush draws here.. No A-x FD no KQcc.. Only JTcc, KTcc, 89cc that are some draws, that are connected with boards and the other is only naked flush draws..

How would you play a river?


  • If he is always calling 15 pre just raise to 15. As played I would always just move him in on the river when he has 60 in a $140 pot, although everything got there.

    Unless you're going to check/fold, if you c/c the river you basically let him valuetown you for 60 when he made the flush and check back all the hands you beat.

    Given this action if you were deeper maybe you cf or bf but this shallow I just put him in.

    On this kind of board you really want to get stacks in early, since this guy will never fold a draw. If you raised to 15 pre pot is 30. Maybe you bet 30 (or even 35) otf and now pot is 90-100. He has less than that left so you ship turn and he calls ax or a flush draw.

    Since this guy is never folding an ace or a flush draw shovel that money in early so you can get stacks in whole he is still drawing.
  • Qw3Rtzui0p Posts: 36Member
    Thanks man.. It was a one of very furts hand against him and i didnt knew that, he is calling up to 15..

    And i shoved a river and get called with naked 6 high flush..
  • That sucks, but with $60 left you don't really have options. If you're never folding if you check, then checking just gives him a free shot at $60 when he beats you.

    I haven't played 1/2 in a little while, but making oversized bets on early streets can really make a difference. 1/2 guys don't seem to care about preflop sizing or flop sizing, so you can sometimes overbet the pot on the flop if it's small and then escalate the pot quickly.

    The hand would have played out the same way, but if you could have got the money in on the turn you're getting that last $60 every time as opposed to the actual sizing where the 80%+ he misses he just folds river and you don't get it.
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