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River play with turned top set

PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
2/5 200-1000

Villain (350) 40s European guy. Not a pro - I think he might be a semi reg as I kind of remember the face but don't remember much about his play. He bought in for 400 and just sat down maybe 1 orbit ago. Pretty much total unknown.

Hero (1000+) Don't think villain knows me. I've been fairly active as I've got decent hands. Maybe 2 hands before this I 3b an aggressive regular with qj and ended up showing it down. Villain saw the hand (although who knows if these guys pay attention) so maybe he thinks I'm aggro and open light.

Hero opens to 20 Utg+1 AspadeAdiamond
Villain calls in co
Everyone else folds

Flop: Tclub 6spade 2club
Hero bets 30, villain calls.

Turn: Tclub 6spade 2club Aheart
Hero bets 70, villain calls

River: Tclub 6spade 2club Aheart Jheart

Villain called flop fairly quickly and thought for a little bit before calling turn.

I doubt villain has a monster like a set as you'd expect him to raise. Aces up is unlikely. He could have jack/ten although he might fold the turn when I bet fairly big.

I don't have the Aclub so he could have flopped the nut flush and turned TP and the nfd. Not sure if he calls a big river bet. That's kind of the main hand I think wouldn't bet if I check but probably calls if I bet.

Could I actually check here though? I think he has a flush draw a lot of the time that isn't going to call a bet. I normally should have a big hand when I bet flop and turn, but even fish know the ace is a good bluff card. He has about a psb left so realistically if I had a hand like queens maybe he thinks he can ship and get me off of it.

Or is that too fancy, and I just bet and hope he somehow calls.

Is there any reason to bet small here? I figured with this runout either he thinks I'm fos and calls a 180-200 bet or he's folding and not calling like a $110 bet, so why not bet bigger?


  • Fish Fryer Posts: 161Member
    I'm betting the river virtually every single time. The only time I might consider checking it through is if I know the V and think that they have a hand like a small sc flush draw that missed and has no showdown value. If I think V is good enough to try and take the pot away, I met let them take a shot at the river, but really, we raised UTG pre, bet flop and turn, etc...what are we repping that checks the river.... maybe hands like QQ, etc... but I am still betting this almost 100%...
  • Are you basically putting him in on the river? It's just hard for me to think of a hand that's calling a big river bet unless he ran into like AJ or AQcc that didn't raise earlier.

    Do I just bet small and hope to get looked up by a random hand, or just close my eyes and ship it and hope he has something?
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