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10 10 facing raise OTR

kdogmc Posts: 100Subscriber
Effective stacks 1000.

I have 10 10. My image is good. Aggressive somewhat tight. When I raise ( AK KQ KK etc ) everyone calls. Looking to crack me.
Villain is OTB loose aggressive but seemingly smart player.

He lost his KK to AA earlier against a tight old man at the table.

I'm in MP. I raise 20. Five callers. Flop K4Q diamonds.
It gets check through.
Turn 10. I bet 75. Villian calls. River 4.

I bet small, hoping ( 100 ) for a reraise. It just looked like he wanted to make a play at me. Felt that way.

He takes his time and raises 200.



  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    i'm assuming turn is not a diamond

    given that you're considering calling (you don't think he has many bluffs in his range), I would just raise all in. you only lose to flopped sets which is unlikely he checks on the button, KK/QQ discounted from preflop action, and 44 discounted because two of them on the board.
  • Johnny G Posts: 15SubscriberProfessional
    This is a raise all day long. Raise for value to an amount you think he will call. Raise to $450 or $500. I would be shocked if he had KK-QQ. He would have 3 -bet from the button. What range of hands can you give him here?
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