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2/5 uninteresting AKs hand from the SB (hey I'm honest)

martinst-pierre Posts: 8Member
I'm an online MTTer that's still a newbie when it comes to playing poker with my pants on.

UTG (900$) = He seems to be a competent player in his early 20's, he talks the poker lingo with his friend sitting next to him. He's been raising quite a bit from upfront in the hour that I've been at the table but doesn't get out of line post flop .

MP (400$) Nitty 25 y/o reg that I've seen before who seems to be playing a rigid range from all positions. He also likes to call with big hands pre. When he puts serious money in post-flop he pretty much always has it.

Hero SB (500$) TAG player in his late 20's, perceived as pretty solid by the other young guys. I have opened maybe 3pots and have yet to 3b a hand.

BB (600$) Bad loose recreational player in his mid 60's that makes a lot of mistakes post.

UTG raises to 25$, MP calls, Hero calls with AspadeKspade and BB calls

Flop: Adiamond2club4heart
pot 100$

Hero checks, BB checks, UTG checks, MP bets 55$

Turn: 9diamond
pot 210$

hero checks, MP bets 85$ and hero ships it for 152$ more

In game I thought he would check back AQ OTT maybe 50% of the time and I thought he mostly had AK and obv some sets but I wasn't convinced he would always be set mining small pp's for 25$ with 80bbs. Should I just 3b pre to 80$ since I'm OOP? and maybe call more often from the BTN. My obsession in keeping the recreational player led me to call in the end.


  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Check stack sizes , if hero started with $500, your turn ship is a lot more than $152 more.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
    A turn check raise all-in is way more likely to blow your opponent off of a weaker ace. If I flatted preflop like you did I would literally min raise the flop on such a dry board--maybe to say $115. Then follow it up with $115 again , followed up by $145 all-in assuming $400 effective stacks. Making tiny bets is the key to maximizing value in small spr spots vs bad opponents.

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