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2/5 playing vs 3bets OOP 3

TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Table is passive and straightforward mostly old nits and couple of LP fishes.
Hero(1000) opens KspadeQspade UTG to 25. Hero was playing on tighter than his usual LAGgy style.
UTG+2(500) 3bets to 85. Young guy capable of running big but not very smart bluffs, he 3bet hero couple of times IP in previous sessions and showed low suited gappers.
MP(300) calls. Old weak passive clueless rec player.
Folded to Hero.
Hero folds.

How would you play? How having shortstacked cold caller affects your decision?


  • IPIW247IPIW247 Posts: 91Subscriber
    I would fold. Your against two opponents out of position who's ranges are not defined. If stacks were deeper you could consider calling.
  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    4-bet to 300.
  • TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    David Chan said
    4-bet to 300.
    You mean ship? We have only 500 effective. What's the weakest hand you're shipping here?
  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    The cold caller's extra money makes this a great spot to re-bluff. Also, stack sizes are perfect for you to make big pot-committing 4-bet bluff. You get to put in the last raise here. Usually, 4-betting would risk your whole stack just to win $115. But you stand to win $200 if you take it down here preflop. Therefore, I like your risk/reward ratio here for a 4-bet bluff.
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