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1/2 200BB deep vs passive villian on nitty table

Qw3Rtzui0p Posts: 36Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hello I have played a very bizzare hand this night..

Im winning like 200BBs on the table and im running the table.. Table is nitty..

EP open limps (Older guy, passive postflop pays a lot but can have idea and play very strange)

Folded to me on BU with T8o I raised to 8.. Because i want isolate him and blinds vere folding a lot he calls..

Flop (17) 884sxs

He checked

I bet 10

He raised to 20

I raised to 63.. There is a flush draw and some straight draws and if he is comming on the top im folding

He calls..

Turn (143) 884sxs7s

Maybe the worest card in the deck.. Flush draw got here.. 87 got here..

He checked

I checked back with a redraw (not very strong but still a redraw)

River (143) 884sxs7s4d

He snap shoves about 370€ to me on river..

How to play river? Calling for chop is bad i think.. Call 370 to win 70??

I cant beat 78 44 straight flush..

What are your toughs??

Should I bet fold turn?
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