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1/2 AAd on 952dd turn 6d

Mike Posts: 371Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
This is a hand from a friend of mine. Not really sure wtf to do on the turn.

Villian in this hand is def a fish. Dont really know any other history just know that they are bad.

limped to Hero on button raises to $17 with AA
flop 953dd have Ad
bet $35 into $50
guy snap calls
turn 6d, pot now $120, effective stack $270

This is all the info that i have but i dont really think anything else matters besides specifics on the villian but assume you have never seen them before but you think he is a fish.


  • Tyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    Check/evaluate. I think if we bet we're going to fold out a lot of one pair hands that will look us up on the river, and I don't expect a fish to bet anything we beat here. If he bets half-pot or less we can check/call for implied odds, and maybe every once in a while the river will go check/check on a brick and we'll win.

    If the turn goes check/check I'd bet about 75 on the river. If we check/call turn and hit then the river is obviously a ship, and if we miss it's a check/fold.
  • KyleKiniry Posts: 18Subscriber
    giving no more info, this seems like a standard check back. Without the Ad in our hand then this seems like a definite bet/fold (AND SHOULD BE SIZED AS SUCH SO YOUR NOT POT STUCK).
    obvious reasons for checking back is not to allow ourselves to be blown off our hand which contains the flush draw. It's also possible that villain contains hands that only call one more additional street anyways so picking up the value with a river bet could be perfectly fine as well.
    Major key in this hand is thinking about turn bet sizing with hands like AA without the Ad to allow urself the opportunity to bet/fold. smile
  • beepbeep Posts: 28Member
    If V is fishey, he's unlikely to bet anything less than one pair here. If you bet you'll likely become pot committed, but if you bet too small, he might spazz and shove with a pair that's picked up a FD and you'd have to fold the best hand. I'd just check back then turn and evaluate the river. Hero still has equity with his Ad too, and could over-flush if V was trying to be cute with two pairs, sets, and baby flushes
  • Tyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    Man, I need to work on my reading comprehension. If this gets to checked to us on the turn, it's a pretty clear check back to avoid a check/raise. Probably going to fold most rivers, and bet 60-70 if checked to.
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    i disagree, think turn is a clear value bet vs. almost all fish. given reasonable ranges for his preflop/flop range, he'll only make it to the turn with a flush less than 10% of the time here and that number even more discounted when he checks.
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