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QQ in SB with button Straddle 1/2 Live

AlanSwenson Posts: 3Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I am still trying to figure out the right play on a hand I had this weekend in vegas. in 1/2 planet hollywood has a $10 button straddle that forces the SB to act first. This was the case in this hand. Hero - $250 VIllain - $700
Hero with QQ SB is first to act and raises to $30 checks to Villain in middle position who makes it $75, CO calls all in for less $66.
Button Folds. Action on Hero. I decide to call thinking if i push here i am going to get JJ and less to fold and AK to fold but I am getting called by AA and KK and maybe QQ. Villain is aggressive but not very loose. I am not worried about the CO, he is loose and could be playing anything really and his body language looks like a desperation call. I think to myself, if no A or K on flop i instapush.
Flop comes A-3-3 two diamonds. I check, villain insta-shoves and I fold. He had 10-10 and it holds. I know I played it wrong but I can't seem to figure out how to play it better. I only lost $75 but I feel like there may have been a way to win $250 on this hand. Obv after seeing the results a check call would have been perfect but that's results oriented.


  • Tyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    Your play seems fine to me. Not that many people are going to 3-bet JJ and TT and then barrel into a mostly dry side pot. This isn't a check-call when the AIPF player could easily have some AJo kind of hand.
  • KyleKiniry Posts: 18Subscriber
    Your reads in the live setting and the specific hand may skew your thinking to a more narrow range. However, when im reading this, it seems almost like a "standard" get it in preflop with these effective stacks. In practice am I ever just calling pre? Yeah, possibly some percentage of the time. But without giving us your reasons why you think his calling off range is just that tight, i don't see why he wouldn't call off with AK after he 3-bets to 75 given what ur shoving sizing would be. Taking in all the combos of AK and sprinkle in even just a couple combos of 10 10 or JJ and i think it becomes slightly more clear of a decision. If hes not a villian that would call off with combos of AK pre, then i question if hes even the type to 3-bet with them. smile
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