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5/10 Pocket 8's on the button

GusFritschie Posts: 102Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
MD Live 5/10, effective stacks about $500 I cover with $1,500. To be honest I did not notice that villian only had $500 until the river so perhaps it should have played differently.

1 limper (villian) and I make it $50 on the button with 8,8. The SB and limper call so pot it $165.

Flop is 4nosuit5club6club

Limper leads for $85, I call and SB folds, pot is $335.

Turn is a Knosuit for a board of 4nosuit5club6clubKnosuit
Villian leads again for $125 and has $250 behind. What is our play? What do we put the villian on? Would our play differ if he was not short? I had only played for about 20 minutes and had no reads and did not know the villian.


  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    I would consider raising flop if SB doesn't look interested in the pot on flop.

    As played, shove turn.
  • Stonewalled Posts: 480Subscriber
    It seems to me that Villain's flop lead is often a weak pair or draw. I think I would make a smallish raise for value on the flop. I also don't think the turn changes anything, so I would likewise raise there. I'd like him to get his money in by the turn for the part of his range that is on a draw, rather than letting him off the hook on the river when his draw busts.

    If Villain had more money, I think I'm still playing it the same way, since I think he has hands we mostly beat and may call, i.e., we can raise for value here whether Villain is short or deep.
  • GusFritschie Posts: 102Subscriber
    I ended up just calling the turn so pot is $585.
    The river is 3nosuit

    For a final board of 4nosuit5club6clubKnosuit3nosuit

    Villian goes all-in for $250 so pot is $835.

    What is our play? I assume as played nobody is folding here?
  • Stonewalled Posts: 480Subscriber
    I probably call, although it's close. Although obviously a fair number of straights just got there, I think he's betting a busted flush draw enough to make calling profitable.
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    ya i would jam turn here.

    river is close due to pot odds and possible button clicking. however i probably fold as most people don't 1) triple barrel bluff, 2) bluffs rivers, 3) bluff all-in for less than 1/2 pot
  • GusFritschie Posts: 102Subscriber
    I ended up calling and he showed 33 for a rivered set.
  • BrokeDonk Posts: 7Subscriber
    The problem with that river card is that so many of the hands that you were ahead of before the river are now ahead of you. Couple that with the fact that people have a hard time "going all the way" with a bluff might make me lean towards a fold, even with being given a tasty price. In game I think I'd probably call here quite a bit then be mad at myself after the fact when I get shown a rivered two pair or better. But I think folding the river is best given it kind of just looks like he had something weak but got there on the river.

    Raising flop would be difficult due to it being 3 ways. I don't mind calling flop and raising turn once he throws another weak bet out there. I frankly don't even really mind the line you did take as long as you fold the river sometimes when a wet card comes out and he bets again. But I'm a fish and even typing that last sentence sounded fishy embarassed
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