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2/2 bottom set on monotone flop 6-way

JeJoJeJo Posts: 56Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain was a young guy but seemed rather to be an unexperienced and passive player all in all. He called a lot preflop but also raised a few hands and showed postflop aggression with them, won bigger pots and always showed down good hands.

Blinds 2€/2€
UTG raises 14, 7 players call including Hero(500€) in HJ with 3spade3heart and Villain(464€) in CO.

Flop(100€): 8club7club3club
PFR checks, Hero leads 70€, Villain raises 140€, everyone folds, only Hero calls

Turn(380€): Qspade
Hero checks, Villain All In with 310 to call for Hero, Hero folds

What do you think about the flop lead (-sizing) on a rather passive table but without good TAGs, maniacs and extraordinary bad players?
I bet to charge high flush draws and 78 and also to protect my equity against 6 players.

After this particular villain raises me I expect him to have a big hand. I wasn't able to classify whether the minraise was "only" a small flush, the nuts or a hand like 77, 88. I wouldn't expext this kind of player to raise a draw here.

I got 4.5 : 1, so I called for my 8 outs with good implied odds. Turn blanks and I check/fold without getting the right odds.

What's the better game plan when you hit a full house or quads on the turn?
a) Go for a check/All in?
b) Go for a donk push?


  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    well played
  • PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    I think you played it well. A lot of guys won't even raise sets when you bet big on this kind of board. Realistically you're ahead of 87 and a weirdly slowplayed like AA with the Ac. Sometimes guys will flat those hands even multiway, but they're probably not so quick to get it in especially if they're passive players.

    With those stacks I'd probably donk/donk if I filled up. The stacks are awkward, but a lot of times a guy with a flush will check back the turn if the board pairs and then if you shove river he might still call but he might not. You could also get a real bad runout like a double paired board or a 4th club, so you want to get money in while you still can.

    Whether I'd shove or go for 2 chunks depends on the player.
  • I think I would have played it just like you did, But.....
    Why not just play your hand as a draw?? Go for sort of pot control by check/caling the flop. I think its something to consider.

    You are crushed agaisnt 88-77, and you are 34,4% vs a flopped fush.
    Vs that range.. bet/reraising or bet/calling the flop you never get your money in good. Also, you might not have that good implied odds because sometimes a 4th flush will come so he wont stack off with lower flopped flushes on a 4flush paired board, and... you have reverse implied odds vs 77 and 88.
  • PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    Check/calling flop IMO is being too results oriented. There's no reason to think anyone has a flush or higher set here.

    Checking this through is a disaster for several reasons. We lose value from pair + club, high club + overcards, and even hands like OESD's + clubs which I see horrible people call with all the time. A fourth club kills our hand, which is particularly disastrous if someone with a hand like 6c6s who won't give us action hits a club and ends up winning the hand. Hands like A9 even without a club might call a flop bet, but might fold to an overcard OTT.

    Unless we think someone is going to semi-bluff raise us and we're not comfortable stacking off, it's better to just bet.
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