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Live at the Bike 11/5/13

Paul2Griffin818 Posts: 1Subscriber
edited November -1 in Broadcasted Poker
Hello All,
This is my first post on this forum as I am a newer subscriber. I commonly read the forums but have not actively posted in the past on Seat Open (Occasionally on 2+2). I usually play the $100-300 at the Bike or $100 or $200 at the "Other Casino" in the area. I had a very unique opportunity to play on "LATB" on the above date in a cap game ($80-120) that I usually do not play but wanted to receive hand analysis from what I feel are extremely well qualified teachers in Bart, Dave, Owasis, etc (Depending who was in the booth on that given evening).
The reason for my post in to possibly get in touch with Bart or Owasis (Was actually in the booth & a major reason as to why I played this session) to discuss the "Actual" hands I did have, strategy for 33-50 BB cap games, 3-betting ranges in position, oop, etc.

***I do however want to point out one flaw in the RDFI cards that were used in that session. I was sitting in Seat #6 & did NOT have AA in the BB on the hand that was close to the 53:05 minute mark. I would NEVER play that hand in that manner & just wanted to point that out. Thank you for any input I may receive & for the invaluable material provided on this site by the many qualified professionals & subscribers who contribute.


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