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Episode from 10-30

JimO Posts: 4Member
edited November -1 in Broadcasted Poker
That was alot of fun to watch. Probably more fun for us than it was for youCry.


  • I'll be doing a PLO episode for Crush Live Poker so look out for it. Interesting hand with the QJ89 big pot vs Greg. I think that I can call the flop and check fold a board pairing card on turn or any card below a 6 that doesn't give me a backdoor flush draw. That's basically 1/3 of deck.

    My holding Qs Jd 8s 9d Flop: Ts 8c 5d

    I raise out of sb to $35 4 call. I bet $150 on flop, good solid player raises to $600 with $2200 effective stacks.
  • I'm no PLO expert but I think you can call and see if the board pairs, like you said. I think you leveled yourself on that hand where Nichoel flopped top two, also. The way she was playing I think there's basically no chance she's bluffing.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    sorry i didn't participate more during the show. but i seriously never connected ! it was pretty frustrating to continue being dealt the T833's and the Q952r's, and when i did pick up a marginally playable hand like KKxx96dd, i would completely miss and barry would bet "pot" which is the biggest live tell ever for newbie plo players.

    anyway, i did finally pick up a couple of hands and doubled up twice right after the cameras turned off. the first was against seat 2 (glasses). i 3bet him on the button with QT98ds and flopped 778cc (giving me oesfd). he actually bluff lead the river which completed my SF and folded for like $80 more into $1000 pot.

    the second was vs limon where i limped with AdKdKK and flopped K96dd. he flopped middle set and crai on the river on the Ah-2c run out. i was kinda surprised by his crai on the river, but i guess he can get value from aces up (AKdd) type hands, which he said my range was weighted toward weaker value hands when i bet the river "because i didn't raise pre". i don't always raise KK pre in plo unless the hand is connected, and especially not KKKx. i limped in mainly cuz i had a suited ace and i knew i could see the flop for 1 chip.
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