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Bluff catcher with TOP 2 pair

chengxue Posts: 6Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I was playing at my local casino 3 5 deep stack game ( buy in is 500 - 1500 so it is a really good game to get deep with the fishes) last night and come across with a weird spot that i don;t know if my decision and thought process was corrected.
I'm a pretty LAG player, and the table have begin to noticed the hands that the hands i showed down on the river aren't class 1A cards, so i don;t have a really good image heading into the hand. On this hand, i was playing at the button with a fishy player limping in at UTG. Everyone folded behind and i raise for value to 25 with AKcc. small blind super nit ( like robo cop whom looks action but play tight) he called, big blind call, and limper called. I'm just loving life at this point.
with $100 in the pot
Flop comes
Qh 7h 6c
Everyone checked to the raiser, and i decided to check behind in a 4 handed pot.
Qh 7h 6c Kh
Small blind now leads out for 85. big blind and limper folded, and i called with AKcc. Thinking i might still have the best hand and in position. NOW the pot is $270
Qh 7h 6c Kh Ad
Small blind took a long time And decided to bet 225. And i folded face up my AKcc and the the table was in shocked.

My thought process on the hand.
I have been Cbetting and double barreling turn quit a bit and lost on the river, so my image was not the greatest. On a Qh 7h 6c board, i thought it was too draw heavy, too many players in the pot, and i have a bad image. I thought Cbetting was just lighting money on fire, so i checked behind.
The King of heart should hit my range when i checked the flop back as the preflop raiser, but it also completes the flush. When the small blind lead out when the King hits, i didn;t think he was bluffing. But i had position and i can still play this hand profitably so i called. Remember i said he was a nit if the river comes a four flush i think i can get him off on everything but the second nut, plus i can still have the best hand and go for thin value at the river.
Base on my read on the villain. He is a pretty straight forward player when he bet big he has it. i was going to call, raise, or flop depending on his bet size. Plus i played the hand on turned like i had the A of heart in my hand. When the river comes A, even the worst player might get scared and check. when he bet 225 i thought he had a pretty strong hand like a make flush on the turn and called with two pair against this player was pretty bad.
The only hand i can bet is KQ and i can;t see this player betting this much with just a pair A of heart that river top pair nor KQ. So i folded AKcc

But what do you guys think? Should it be a call, raise, or fold?


  • You could make a case for folding the turn if this guy is really that straight forward. I doubt very much he is leading with KJ.

    The other thinking that you are missing in your analysis is the fact that if he did bet out with the Ah on the turn he now makes top pair and would never turn that into a bluff at the end. A tiny bit of the time a thin value better might have AhQx here but his sizing probably would not be that big. You also lose to JhTx btw.

  • chengxue Posts: 6Member
    hey Bart
    If we switch it around, we call with QTcc at the small blind and the flop goes check and the turn come the Kh. Do u think it is a good spot to check raise bluff a LAG player who knows that is a good card to bluff like what u did to Zach at liveatthebike with your 97ss against his Q9. Most likely he have one pair kind of hand and we get him to fold any hands that might some kind of value in the pot (like J10 with a heart or any random heart in his hand) or do u think it is too fancy of a play at a 5 dollar blind structure?
  • You can definitely make that play. In fact this is an interesting spot where you can get better to fold and worse to call (draws) kind of like a merge/combo bet.

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