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win rates in fixed limit omaha/8

chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber

beat: i don't have a long history of playing fixed limit poker.....

but does anybody have an idea of what a good win rate might be in fixed limit o8 ? i hear talk of 2 big bets per hour, but it seems like with decent game selection, and actually paying a little bit of attention to players' ranges in certain spots, a much higher rate can be achieved. yeah, my lol sample size is laughable at probably 300 hours over the past year since i started playing L-O8.......

brag: or maybe i've been running hot lately. last night booked a 85 big bet win in 8/16 in a little over 6 hours.


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    2bbs in fishy low limit game I think is about it..

    O8 is a very swingy game.. very swingy.. big wins and big losses depending on if you hit your big scoops or brick out on them. I have had 100bb wins and a few 100bb strings of losses. but in the end they average out.

    The big issue is the rake in the smaller games. many times the rake especially in cal where its a fixed drop you need to play much tighter then in say LV where its a percentage of the pot. Thats because if the rake is 5 bucks and you are playing in an 8/16 game. Say 25 hands can be played an hour.. or even 20 hands thats 100 bucks down the drain for just one game. thats alot of money off the table and its hard to overcome this in the smaller games..

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