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"Pay attention"..any confirmation on villians' hand in the AA overshove spot?

Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 577Subscriber
edited November -1 in Deuce Plays podcast
Just curious if you had discussed the hand or had any more to say about it in the months that have followed. Did you ever find out if he did indeed have JT? I just listened to the episode the first time and I think I would have a very difficult time folding here but maybe this can help my overall game as the points layed out are very valid...I am reminded of a hand I butchered about a year ago in which I flopped bottom set (22) and the the villian turned a higher set and I couldn't get away despite all the evidence that I was beat and I lost 300bb's. I kept telling myself "He would have raised a set on the flop (872) and definitely would have played 87 differently. When the 3 fell on the turn I got lost and re-reaised allin (along with a short stack that was in with TT) and was snap called...These deep spots don't require all the money to go in without the nuts so, I think the main point one has to ask themselves if it does go in is "what else can villain have but the nuts?".


  • I never got confirmation of his hand nor did I ever see that guy again. However, I think that my call of the checkraise on the turn is so strong when he pots the river he expects me to call. I think he thought I had AK.

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