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Butchered this hand, still not sure of best line....

Fish Fryer Posts: 161Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I am pretty sure that I butchered this hand. In hindsight, I think the turn play is where I got myself in a jam, but I'm not sure what the proper line should be.

I'm in my 2nd orbit at the table and have never played with the V in the hand before.

2/5, effective stack size = $500.

Folded to hero in MP with AsAd. Raise to 20 and V and bb call.

Flop (55 after rake and bbj) 8c8h9c. bb checks, Hero bets 40. V calls and BB folds.

Turn (135) 9d. Hero bets 75. I was treating this like a bet fold since I have no real idea (or history) what V has or what he is capable of calling my raise with. My assumption is an overpair, flush draw, or combo draw like QTcc, etc... V calls.

River (285). Kc. Club draw gets there. Hero? Bet fold the river, check and give up hoping to get to show down, etc...?

Thoughts on the hand. It was a tough spot without having much ability to put V on an accurate range. I'd much prefer this spot an hour into the session...



  • Z--

    I'm not sure what you are trying to get value from here. Bet folding is prudent when you think that you can get called my worse. When the flush comes in here, and especially because it is a K, there really is nothing that you can beat that will call a bet. I guess a tiny portion of the time the guy could level himself into calling with TT or JJ because your bet is so polarized. I think the turn is almost always a check, usually with the intention of calling or folding, and then again either check folding or calling the river.

  • Fish Fryer Posts: 161Member
    Thanks Bart. I appreciate the input. As soon as I played the hand, I had that disgusting feeling when you know that you have butchered a hand and thrown money down the drain. Although pitiful, I think I got myself leveled with the "look at me, new guy at the table with AA" BS.

    In looking at the hand, I just couldn't decide what the preferred line would be...
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    Check evaluate turn. Depending on sizing and timing you can call or fold. If it goes check/check and the river bricks you can bet small for value.
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    You dont have to worry about being bluffed off on the turn since most wont stab at this pot. Id say ch/f turn and on good rivers bet and try and get value from A high, or TT/JJ. Even if it checks through and the flush comes in you can be fairly certain that villian wont bet the flush since he doesnt want to get raised. You could make a case for betting the turn small to get him off his FD hands but once he calls shut it down.
  • regfish Posts: 34Member
    I guess I am the only one in the camp of betting the turn. This is my default line readless (which you are since you never played with villain before). I would say the turn is a bet for mostly protection. Protection in the sense of charging draws but also in the sense of protecting yourself from not getting bluffed. I disagree with those who say villain will not bluff the turn with a draw when checked to. I see people bluff here a decent amount. Also it's a spot where most people aren't thinking about balance (and for the most part rightfully so). The way the board is, though, it is easy for villain to have a full house enough and also draws that he may bet alot. So coincidentally villain is actually kind of balanced here and that makes check calling less appealing. I also feel like this is a spot where villain would prob. bet the river some with missed draws because if we check call the turn our hand looks so much like ace high and villain may try to move us. So by checking this turn we kind of put ourselves in a tough/bad spot. As far as sizing i'm betting slightly more than 1/3 pot here. If I get called on turn i'm check folding most rivers. As a side note i'm double barreling here 100% of the time readless with the same sizing (slightly more than 1/3 pot).
  • grindbler Posts: 131Member
    isnt this a way ahead/ way behind situation on the turn? ...if so, why keep bloating the pot?
    outside of JT and FDs which have some equity, im also not sure what we are getting value from?
    JJ TT makes up a small part of opponents range, imo.
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