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5 NL spots

TJ Posts: 239Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 NL

Hand #1: (250 effective)2 limps, hero raises from HJ to 10 with AQcc. Good player on the BTN calls, limpers call. Flop (40) J4Jr. Checked through. Turn 8, total rainbow board. Checked through. River A. Second limper thinks for a moment and bets 23. I think he has a fair amount of aces in his range, but also some slowplayed jacks. Should hero raise-fold, or just call?

Hand #2: (200 effective) 4 limps, hero checks in BB with QTdd. Flop(10) Tclub5diamond3diamond Hero leads 6, fold, fold, BTN (LAG) raises to 15, SB cold calls 15. Call, or bet-3bet?

Hand #3: (190 effective) Folds to hero in CO, who raises with winning image to 6 with T7hh. Good player on BTN calls. Flop 9diamond8heart4club. Hero bets 15, call. Turn 10diamond Hero bets 23, BTN raises to 55. Hero? (Should I have checked the turn with additional equity?)

Hand #4: (300 effective) 3 limps, hero completes in SB with QcJs. Flop (10) Tclub9club8spade Hero leads for 6, fold, TAG raises to 15, loose-passive fish (90 to start the hand) cold calls, fold to hero. Hero?

Hand #5: (100 effective) Hero overlimps A3ss on BTN. SB completes, BB checks. Flop (10) AclubTspade5club drunk fish in BB leads 6, call, call, Hero calls. Turn (34) 7diamond BB checks, first limper bets 6, call, hero calls, BB calls. River (58) 7heart 3 checks to hero who bets 10. BB thinks a bit and c-r to 40. Folds to hero. Hero?


  • NeverLearn Posts: 97Member
    First hand I would bet turn. As played probably fold.

    2 Nd hand flat IMO.

    3 rd hand I would have bet as well tbh. Maybe checking better here but with all the draws out there we still can't give a free card. Unsure of this one.

    4 th hand raise for sure lead all non clubs setup river shove.

    5 th hand I would raised pre. As played I would have raised flop.

    Might have missed a few details tried to get all 5 hands in short and quick.
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