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werid spot with the second nut flush on a pair board

chengxue Posts: 6Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I was playing in a 2 3 5 deep stacked game today at my local casino. Everyone at the table has around 300bb, I started with the hand with 3700 in front of me. I open utg +1 with KQcc 20, my standard raise in the game while others raise around 25+. Crazy mexican player who called with any suited card call, tight bad villain called at the button, and we see the flop three handed.
i lead out 35. crazy mexican called and villian called.
i have a the second nut flush. I checked. The crazy mexican checked. To my surprise tight nit bet 155. I gave him a look and throw my chip in for a called.
I checked and he checked. i showed my hand and he showed 63cc.

A little back info about the villain. He does play tight, but when he lose a pot he goes on monkey tilt. Two days ago, i stacked him for 700 on one of his tilt. And a few hours ago, i three barrels bluffed and showed him on a sizable pot. So there was some history entering the hand.

My thought process on the hand:
Flop action: 9d 9c 7c
Flop action seem super standard. i was the preflop raiser, it's a pair board plus i have two over and a flush draw. Cbet. When the crazy mexican called, i put him on a 7, any pocket pair, flush draw, straight draw, or just two over cards. When the button called, i didn;t put him on a 9 maybe a straight draw or flush draw.
turn action: 9d 9c 7c 4c
Because i was the first to act. i thought my line looks super strong if i bet when the flush cards hit. Plus we were super deep and i put at least one of them on a flush draw on the flop. It seem to me like a great time to check raise the turn and get some money into the pot, so i check. The crazy mexican check. Villain bet 155.
I was shock by his pot size bet at first, and the whole check raise to get some money into the pot just went out of the window. I thought for a long time, what kind of hands does this villain has? He is a tight player what kind of hand would he called my 20 raise preflop with and just called on the flop? Bluffing is out of the question. He can have pocket 77, the nut flush, maybe a 9, and other worse flush. But i have both the second and the third flush blocker, what other flush does he has?
i thought my hand was too strong to fold for one bet, so i called.
Because i have a king in my hand, i didn;t think the king would have filled him up. If he doesn;t have a full house on the turn he doesn;t now.

THIS is where the hand get interesting. I have the second nut flush, should i throw out a blocker/ value bet of 200 - 250 so i can get value from a worse flush and maybe a 9 where he played in weird way? Or do i check and maybe check raising depending on his bet size?
I already made up my mind if he bet anything higher than 325 i was check folding and 225 or below i was min raising him.

Like Bart said "if u play your hand as a bluff catcher on the turn, u should play it as a bluff catcher on the river." Plus I bluffed the guy a few hours ago, of course, he would try to bluff me again and he would bet his flush for value on the river.

When he check behind with the 6 high flush, i was shocked and angry. i missed so much value by checking back.

Let me know what you would have done in my spot? Remember i play with most of these players on a daily bases.


  • Hey, chengxue

    I really don't like the check on the turn with the intention of check raising, unless your plan was to build a pot up against trips or a smaller flush. I think I would take a bet bet bet bet-fold line here. As played if you did cc the turn, you can't check the river because you do not want him to check behind with hands that he will call a bet with--specifically trips and small flushes.

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