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overpair on broadway board vs aggro fish

reemas Posts: 100Member
edited January 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
villain is the same villain I describe in this hand:
5/5: tangle with aggressive fish

This hand happens maybe an hour after the one posted above. $600 effective.

Villain opens to 15 from UTG3 and I make it $50 with AA from the BU, villain calls.

Flop ($105): K Q T
villain checks, hero?

from the other thread, you'll know villain has a tendency to c/r flops. I think his flop c/r range is 2 pair+ and hands like KJ,QJ, etc.


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    edited January 2014
    Do you have AA here? Is that what OP is in title?

    Yea his hands inlcudes tons of pair+ draw type hands along with 2 pairs, str8s, and maybe 1010 here.

    we have to bet/fold here IMO cause our bottom range here is AK, im sure most players would see that.

    Bet 70.
  • reemas Posts: 100Member
    I have AA. Sorry, post fixed.
  • reemas Posts: 100Member
    Why not check if he has a high raising frequency on the flop?
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    im assuming we are basing most of this on the other hand you posted. In tht hand you asked for help with he played it very passively, cbet 1/3 psb, c/c a turn lead, etc on wet board.

    on the hand he c/r you, he had trips when he flatted your EP raise IP. He asnt bluffing or overplaying his hand.

    Seems to me a std low limit somewhat thinking player who likes to call wide pre looking to crack AA

    with that being said, this is still a 3bet pot and hes OOP and he was PFR He doesnt sound like a complete clueless maniac. Im sure his range here is narrow and not as wide as the 106 hand. We have to bet here charge his draws and since we know how he plays his made hands and weak hands already we can easily just bet fold here for value.

    If Vil got it in with TP on the 10=6 hand i think this hand will be a bit different.
  • NicholasK Posts: 237Member
    I wonder if your range could be off on this V's c/r range. You call him a loose "aggressive fish" who call's with any face card pre. If his c/r range is as tight as you say it's an easy bet/fold for value, but if you think he's overplaying top pair Kx hands or straight draws than you'd have to call because there is so much garbage in his range and there are a lot of Kx hands out there to be had.
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