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Some hands from live cash. Sorry about the vague description. Questions in bold

GODMODE09 Posts: 94Subscriber
edited January 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hi guys,
So I'm playing everyday and even though I try to remember all the specifics, at the end of the day I can't remember much.
I'm posting few hands from what I remember, please bear with me.

Hand 1:
Tight table, I'm in the BB with 99 and 100bb+ stack.
It's been limped to SB with around 5 limpers and SB with a 40bb stack makes it 4.5 with blinds being .5/.5. I flat from BB and 1 MP limper calls (don't remember his stack) and BTN calls who has the same stack as me.
Flop comes three under cards to my 99 and SB donks all in for almost pot size. It was 15 for me to call and I flat call with 2 people to act behind me.
should I have raised here ? I was just playing nitty and scared.
MP folded and BTN flatted too. Had no idea what his range was.
Turn was another low card , we went check , check and river was another low card and we went check check.
I won the hand with my overpair 99.
should I have fired the turn? Or the river?
I didn't bet because that would make me pot committed with me having like a pot size stack left and I can't really fold to a raise having invested so much with an overpair.

Hand 2:
Loose table . I have a 200bb+ stack from the BTN.
1 EP limper and the another guy who straddled from UTG made it 3.5 with blinds being .5/.5.
He was just building the pot up with limpers and attacking very dry flops that would have missed everyone's range. 2 players flat his raise and I flat from the BTN with 67o and so does BB.
I flatted because the guys who called it were also deep with 100Bbs+
Flop comes 345 with 2 spades and it's been checked to me and I bet 15 (3/4th pot) with a flopped straight. SB snaps. ( he was chasing his straight draws a lot without getting the odds all the time ).
Others fold.
Turn comes another 3 pairing the board and now putting a club flush draw on the board.
SB checks again and I checked it back wussing out thinking he could have a full house here.
Only after reviewing the hand in my mind later , I realized he could have check raised his set on that board. I also checked because it didn't know what to do if I got check raised on the turn. Guys are capable of check raising with gut shot and flush draw or pair and flush draw type of hands on that turn. Also their full houses . And he had almost 75% of my stack.
River completed the club flush draw making runner runner clubs possible now.
He checked and I checked back my flopped straight.

I think he showed a busted gut shot he picked up on the flop and told me he would have folded to any turn bet.

how should I have extracted maximum value in this hand? On the turn if I bet again and got shoved or raised back , do I call and just think it's just a cooler or are there other options?


  • GODMODE09 Posts: 94Subscriber
    edited January 2014
    Ps: just now realized I posted in the wrong section, mods please move it to NLHE live strategy section.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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