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€5-€5 crazy spot vs BIG WHALE

HAli Posts: 5Subscriber
edited January 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hi guys my first hand i post on this forum.

Yesterday i played in a crazy €5-€5 game in my local casino. Normally there is only €2-€2/€2-€4 but whenever this rich whale enters the pit they quickly open a €5-€5 thru €10-€20 table where every grinder wants a piece of him.

He almost always raises without looking at his cards for 20 or 30 more (often he announcing this before he gets dealt any cards). You often will see everybody limping towards him and he raises lets say double and than somebody will try to 4bet iso him large to get HU with him(95% he will call this huge amount, sometimes saying "ah you have AA, lets try to outflop you). Its so ridiculous how almost every hand this goes on. His VPIP must me > 95 lol.

Yesterday i was sitting at seat 4 where i noticed this hand from a friend and good winner of my.

Seat 1: player 1($1000)
Seat 2: player 2 ($500)
Seat 3: player 3 ($500)
Seat 4: CLP subscriber ($500)
Seat 5: player 5 ($2000)
Seat 6: BIG WHALE ($1420)
Seat 7: Hero ($2000)
Seat 8: friend of hero ($1000)
Seat 9: player 9 ($630)
Seat 10: friend of hero ($2000)
Seat 1 posts the small blind of $5
Seat 2 posts the big blind of $5
The button is in seat #10
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [Kh Qd]
Seat 3 calls $5
CLP sub calls $5
Seat 5 calls $5
BIG WHALE raises to $100 (he announced lets gamble guys my last hand and i raise to €100 blind!)
Hero raises to $250
friend of hero folds
Seat 9 raises to $630 and is ALLIN
friend of hero folds
Seat 1 folds
Seat 2 folds
Seat 3 folds
CLP sub folds
Seat 5 folds
BIG WHALE calls $630 (he looked doubted for a second and calls with a fck it attitude)
Hero ???

As played do we call or shove? fold is no option right?

Do you like the iso raise KQo? What is the minimum hand you need in this situation vs a big spewing whale who plays like 50% of his hands blind preflop? My friend shoved and told me this is standard but i feel he cant be making a lot of money long term in this situation and at least it is very high variance. But i know he is 1 of the biggest winners in the casino. Maybe there is a lot of value to gain by recognizing this sort of spots and open my game more up.

Please elaborate.


  • jaydreb Posts: 4Subscriber
    I'm having trouble following the hand history, but seems like we need some information on Player 9, right? A typical player's 4 bet shoving range has KQo pretty crushed.
  • HAli Posts: 5Subscriber
    This is a standard hh used for online poker hands.

    Me and hero have no real reads on seat 9, although we know he has our KQ crushed

    but we have to call 380 to win 1535 and play with 800 behind, or shove and play a side pot vs the whale where we have his range probably crushed.
  • DavidTuchman Posts: 786Pro
    Another interesting spot. Two things could be going on.

    1. The player in seat 9, knows the whale is calling no matter what. You've put dead money in the pot. He can raise with most of his value hands thinking he can get you to fold and be in a heads-up spot against a random hand. I've seen this play in tournament poker and it's actually quite effective if (and only if) you can get the "iso 3-better" to fold after enough.

    Think about it...whale makes it 100, hero makes it 250... I shove with QT ... Whale shoves. I get hero to fold...I'm now all-in with an above average hand against a random hand AND there's dead money in the pot.


    2. Player in seat 9 isn't thinking on that level and you're crushed by his range.

    Before we get to your question, which do you think best describes player in seat 9?

  • DavidTuchman Posts: 786Pro
    Just read your second comment...

    If you think you have the whale's range crushed and you also think he'll call off the rest of his chips with almost any 2, then there's really no reason not to get it in. Also, I prefer shoving with KQ rather than A4, because you'll sometimes be dominating him while A4 is just never really a big favorite.
  • HAli Posts: 5Subscriber
    Yes i think a shove > call because we have good equity vs whales range in a 1600 side-pot.

    But my big question is, would you iso 4bet in the same situation with this hand????


    I think Player 9 realises he doesnt have a lot of fold equity and probably has a good range.. But the whale suprised us by just tank calling with a confused face, because i suspected him to shove himself.
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