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1/2 NL mid pair nut flush draw flop (oop)

FiGManFiGMan Posts: 5Subscriber
edited January 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Playing 1-2 NL (60-200). Table has been pretty tight passive overall except for Villain1 who is younger player who is competent but overplaying many hands and pretty spewy. Villain2 older Asian guy who plays a ton of hands but mostly limping and hardly raising unless super strong.

Stacks Hero - 350
Villain1 - 125
Villain2 - 115

Villain1 limps +1, limp in +2, Villain2 limps btn. I complete in sb with As4s. BB check

FLOP: Js4c3s ($10)

I lead for 8, villain1 quickly raises to 16 and villain2 calls. I raise to 46 and villain1 one insta ships his remaining 109. Villain2 tanks for like a minute before calling his remaining 100.

POT: ~295

Getting nearly 3.75:1 I'm obviously calling but results aside I'd like to know thoughts on my line. My intention was to just induce Villian1 as he has been frequent to the min raises on the flop and I wasn't giving him much credit. I didn't really feel Villian2 wanted to be in the hand after his flop call and would get HU if I get jammed on.


  • Johnny_UtahJohnny_Utah Posts: 402Subscriber
    I would have just flatted villain 1's raise....my reason is for exactly what happened....getting 4bet shoved on and called by 2nd villain....We obv have good equity, but we're behind right now. I just think we would have been fine with bottom pair + NFD calling and seeing the turn. Villain 1's raise is building a good pot OTF.

  • FiGManFiGMan Posts: 5Subscriber
    Would you like to come play in this game....

    Villain1 Ks7s
    Villain2 8s9s

    brick, brick....lol

    Obviously I didn't expect that when turned up. One flush draw yes, not both. Probably Villain1 based on his tendencies and Villain 2 with a weak Jx just calling off. Mainly why I questioned the hand and not wanting to be results oriented.
  • PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    Problem is we're playing 1/2. Guys don't like to fold. Especially if villain 1 is overplaying hands he might ship back on you with a hand like AJ. Of course 33 ships. If he's not playing 43s you block 44.

    The reason you might try to raise is that if you think V2 is a HUGE fish and will stack off a lower flush draw then maybe you can get V1 out.

    My default especially at 1/2 is to just call because if a guy has a worse flush draw he will always pay you off if you hit. If someone has a set they usually bet too small and then still can't fold when the flush hits.

    I'd rather take some cheap cards and try to stack the stationy guy when cards hit than try to blast guys off a pot where there was a bet and raise.

    Just a note - I went into PokerCruncher. If V2 has KQss we're 38% 3 ways if V1 has AJ and 31% if V1 has 33.
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