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2/5 100BB River Play

JP Posts: 56Member
edited February 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain is basically unknown. Hero sat down at table about 20 minutes ago and hasn't seen much of note from villain other than he appears to be a standard 40-50 year old asian recreational player. Villain's stack is about 900, Hero has 500.

$500 effective
2 players limp, Villain raises to $20 from button, Hero in BB with AhAd raises to $60, limpers fold, Villain calls.
Flop ($130) QhTh7d
Hero bets $75, Villain calls.
Turn ($280) Jc
Hero bets $125, Villain calls.
River ($530) Qd
Hero ($240 left) ?

What is correct play on the river. Kind of an awkward spot against an unknown.


  • Sean777 Posts: 356Subscriber
    Bet more on the turn. You made it awkward with a bad sizing on 4th street. Also could have bet more on the flop.

    With a $500 effective stack in a 3-bet pot, you should be trying to get all in or close to it by the turn. On that board especially, I'm probably betting something like $90 on the flop, maybe $100, which makes the pot $310 on the turn, Can bet like $210-$240 on the turn, which is basically all-in. 

    As played, I think a check-fold or a check-call is the only real option, and it's usually a check-fold. Depends on your read of the villain's range, but most players will not turn a flush draw into a bluff on the end, especially if he has any showdown value, like say AJh. If he shoves after you check, it's a pretty polarizing spot, basically a Q+, or busted hearts. Most people play fit or fold especially after you have shown such aggression throughout the hand, and if he bets here I can probably give him credit for a Q.

  • JP Posts: 56Member
    I figured my hand looks so strong when I bet the turn that if I made a large bet I'm basically never getting called by worse so I ended up sizing it smaller planning on bet/folding the turn. I ended up checking river and he bet $200 and I folded. I'm unsure as to whether it is a check call or check fold. If he has flush draws in his range I think he basically has a lot of Queens and also hands like TT JJ that were scared on turn I had AK so were waiting to fill up.
  • Sean777 Posts: 356Subscriber
    JJ is possible, I think you get raised by TT a lot of the flop. I think it's probably a good fold, and kudos to you for playing it that way after betting smaller on the turn.

    Also don't worry so much about what your bets look like. If he has a queen he's never folding. Some guys won't fold the nut draw, either. You're shallow enough that most rec players are just going to sigh/get it in if they have top pair here. 

    By betting a small amount, you're basically trying to get called by a weaker portion of his range that is likely folding to any more aggression regardless, like a ten. Bet more and get all the money in if he has AQ or KQ.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    What about betting river to get called by KK, AJ, KJ, and JTs that got counterfeited (but might still make a frustrated call).
  • t_roy Posts: 84Subscriber
    Big problem is the flop bet imo. I'd make it at least 100 and set up a turn shove. Your just getting value from tons and tons of draws. Turn card def sucks but I think you still have to put it in. Tons of combo draws that your getting called by.
    by 1TDF
  • TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    I would 3bet bigger - to 80. Even so he raised OTB his range should be pretty strong cause he's "standard 40-50 year old asian recreational player" . Bet flop bigger to set up turn shove.

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