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Nut Flush, board pairs on the river

shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$5/10 5-handed. I have been card dead, and not very active generally, although I've picked up a few small pots by betting this image. An orbit or two ago, villain raised $30 in HJ and I reraised on the button to $90, he folded PF. I had garbage but he didn't know that. Villain was a younger guy, seemed relatively solid, but no real reads. Villian now in the button (has me covered) raises to $30. I call in BB with Ac9c and $1530 behind. Pot = $60 post-rake.

Flop comes Qc9d2c, giving me 2nd pair and nut flush draw. I check, button bets $60, I raise to $150. Button reluctantly calls after some thought. Pot $360.
Turn comes Kc giving me the nut flush. I lead for $300. Button thinks and calls. Pot is $960.
River comes 2h, pairing the board. I have $1050 left.

What range do you put the button on as the hand proceeds? What do you do on the river? Tx in advance


  • eselspiel Posts: 115Subscriber
    I find it hard to believe someone would "reluctantly" call that flop with a set. So based on your read, you should be good. I would bet about $600 hoping to get called by a JT.

    What was your plan if you got re-raised on the flop?
  • LarryLido Posts: 52Member
    I don't think its possible for anyone to accurately range your Villain here given the lack of information you provide about his tendencies and the fact that its a short handed game. Rather than cite one hand which seems pretty standard (he button raised light and folded to a 3 bet from a tight hero), it would be more telling for you to give us his playing style, PF raising range, image, ect...

    As described I'm not B/Fing here. I'd bet/call $700ish. I'm fine with an AI too.
  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Ese: good question - was wondering if others would take another line here. With a small-mod RR, I am probably calling in order to realize my equity. If he absolutely bombs it, then he probably has a set and probably fold.

    Kent: thanks - this is actually why I posted the hand. I really had trouble putting him on a range, and was wondering what others thought. I hadn't been at the table long, hadn't seen him play any hands other than the one I mentioned against me. He seemed irritated when I RR'd him (he was in the HJ, I was on the button) -- 3 betting in this game was not common and I actually think he thought it might have been a bluff. I don't have any other insight on his style, unfortunately.

    I actually chose the CR flop line in part of this perceived albeit brief dynamic -- I thought it looked bluffier/aggro, and I expected him to either fold and set me up for a good value situation in the future, or perhaps call me down light.

    Anyway, my thought process: my first instinct was to hate the river -- but like Ese I thought back and felt that sets were RRing me at some point (most likely the flop). His button 5-handed ranging range should be quite wide so KK, QQ possible, but small part of the range (and sets of 9s and quad 2s even less likely due to card removal). Then I thought perhaps his most strong holdings are a non-flush JT made a straight on the turn, or KQ which hit two pair on the turn -- I want to get value from these hands. On the weaker side, perhaps a hand like AQ that is trying to bluff-catch. So I essentially eliminated all the hands that beat me that seemed unlikely and I value-bet $600. He actually called rather quickly and mucked.

    I am still not sure what he had, but was wondering what he had that could be an easy call. Did the C/R on the flop dismiss flush draws from my range in his mind, move him toward made hands? But then wouldn't he worry about sets? Maybe he just didn't believe me from the one button RR earlier and was bluff-catching with a pair.
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